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Nicole talks about the news of the day, including the faux outrage over Stephen Colbert's brilliant satire. Plus the new climate report from the UN and Christie's fake vindication. Activist/writer/clinic escort Katie Klabusich guests, and Crooks & Liars' Nicole Belle joins in with Fools on the Hill

Nicole comments on the insanity in today's world. Guests include Congressman Alan Grayson, Americans United for Separation of Church & State's Rob Boston, and sports agent David Sloane of on college athletes organizing.

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Nicole talks about the way the US is at the tipping point of fascism and says we need to change things now! "Wrapped in the Flag" author Claire Conner and The Political Carnival's GottaLaff guest.

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Nicole explores two big stories in the news today. Greg Palast joins in with the truth about the Exxon Valdez mess 25 years later. RHRealityCheck's Jessica Mason Pieklo with the facts about today's SCOTUS hearing on the ACA contraception mandate, and Karin Roland of Ultraviolet on how women are fighting back.

It's spring break here in South Florida, but I say it's broken. It was a day riddled with technical difficulties (sorry again), and on the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valez disaster, yet another oil barge spewed its gunk. Kate Sheppard weighs in. Plus Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill.

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Nicole welcomes Spring, and gives her own theory about what happened to the missing plane. Howie Klein joins in to talk electoral politics, and Absudity Today's Julianna Forlano talks about the absurd news of the day.

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Two things we're told not to discuss in polite company, just proving we're not polite! Plus, Nicole talks about some women who need to turn in their membership cards! Crooks & Liars Susie Madrak tells about the fight to raise the minimum wage, and John Fugelsang brings the funny.

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Nicole talks about what's passing for news regarding the missing plane. Jason Leopold brings us his exclusive report on the super secret torture report. And GottaLaff helps lighten the mood,

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Nicole talks about the failure of media to accurately report the news, the reason she turned down a job at KPFK/Los Angeles, and the problems at Pacifica. David Dayen joined in to talk about the new Progressive Caucus budget and the lack of coverage by the corporate media. Nicole Belle with "Fools on the Hill" 

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Nicole finishes up the week with a conversation with Shenna Bellows, a real progressive running for Sen from Maine vs. Susan Collins, Julianna Forlano brings another episode of Absurdity Today. And Nicole spotlights the worst example of a teacher who shouldn't be allowed near impressionable minds, and the rest of the news.

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