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 Quickie News Update- July 1 Quickie News Update for July 1 2009... a discussion of the day's news in 10 minutes or less with Nicole Sandler of Radio or Not, and Ellen Ratner of the Talk Radio News Service.
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Israeli Navy hijacks boat with aid for Gaza Nicole Sandler speaks with Donna Baranski-Walker about the Free Gaza aid boat that was captured by the Israeli Navy yesterday.
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A Cure for Cancer Nicole Sandler speaks with Dr. T.S. Fox about the cancer curing botanical compound Neoplasene
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Nicole Sandler speaks with TV's Judge David Young about some recent high profile cases in the news, as well as his experience at the White House the day before
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The pullback in Iraq On June 30, the US pulled its troops out of Iraq's major cities.  Nicole Sandler speaks with former Marine Jonathan Morgenstein about hte significance of this
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Healthy Sex Nicole Sandler speaks with Sex-pert Chrystal Boughon about her pleasure parties, and the need for a healthy sex life
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Andy Borowitz on Michael Jackson's death Nicole Sandler speaks with Andy Borowitz, who spent the whole day watching coverage of Michael Jackson's death
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This is Your Country on Drugs Nicole Sandler speaks with Ryan Grimm, author of "This is Your Country on Drugs"
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