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Amy Simon is a cultural HERstorian who writes and performs about women who make and made history.  Her obsession and inspiration grew out of researching motherhood and performing her play Cheerios In My Underwear, which holds the record as the longest running solo show in Los Angeles.  Always interested in what women have to say, she has a Herstory of all female entertainment producing and writing for Heroine (with an e) Addicts, the smash all girl Hollywood variety show, Motherhood Unplugged, OvaryAction and Galorama.  


Her new play She's History! The Most Dangerous Women In America Then And Now, opening this month at The Lounge Theater in Hollywood, is the first in what she plans to be a continuing series of plays and presentations celebrating and honoring Female America.

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It was a busy show today!

Nicole was joined by Jon Walker of FireDogLake, discussing California's Prop 19, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use; activist & author David Swanson who updated us on Thursday night's vote in the House authorizing the latest war supplemental funding bill; Mark Calzacara of the Council of Canadians regarding the violent response of Toronto police to G20 protestors; Environmentalist Ted Glick who'll be sentenced tomorrow on two misdemeanor charges for hanging two banners in the Hart Senate office building (and could get 3 years!); and cultural HERstorian Amy Simon helped wrap up our Independence Day celebration with stories of the women who've run for the presidency.

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