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Nicole recaps yesterday's House hearing on Planned Parenthood and the twisted lies that prompted it. Today's guests are Deborah Newell Tornello (who has a few things to say about this, in addition to our regular "Oy FloriDUH" segment), and the always quotable Digby too!

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Today, Nicole Sandler calls Bullshit on Carly Fiorina's lies about Planned Parenthood by joining in National Pink Out Day! GottaLaff joins in to dish on the rest of the news too. And journalist Steven Thrasher just spent a week at Burning Man and wondered why there weren't more people of color there.

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Nicole Sandler returns to kick off a new week with Joel Silberman on crazy politics, Jonathan Tasini wrote a book about Bernie Sanders, the Pope tackles sexual abuse in the church, Boehner cries and lots more Monday madness...

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The US is still in the midst of Pope fever. Today, our regular Fri morning guest Julianna Forlano is instead in Central Park, hoping to get a Pontiff glimpse. That's OK. Congressman and Senate candidate Alan Grayson will fill in! Plus, the other Joel Silberman. Really. And for Flashback Friday, we end the week by going back to 2001 with Ryan Adams!

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It's Pope-mania in the USA, but Congressional Republicans are revolting! Once again, Nicole discusses the intersection of religion and politics. Harvey J. Kaye and Howie Klein guest

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As fall replaces summer, crazy political season kicks into high gear. Nicole Sandler has the news. Plus The Silver Tour's Robert Platshorn with the latest on the efforts to end prohibition and Joanne Bamberger, editor of "Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox" guest.

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Nicole talks with John Carroll, the journalist who challenged the new owner of a pharma company who raised the price on one drug almost 5000%. Plus the return of the Gliberal Goddesses (@GottaLaff, Amy Simon and Nicole Sandler) to talk about the rest of the news, including the end of Scott Walker's presidential bid!

Nicole Sandler looks into Disney's practice of replacing American workers with cheaper foreign employees, abusing the H1B Visa to do so. Civil Rights Attorney James Otto guests in hour 2. It's Monday, so Joel Silberman joins in to talk about the media and the 2016 horse race too.

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It's finally Friday, after a long, stressful week. Nicole Sandler recaps what happened, from computer meltdowns to GOP debates with Julianna Forlano. In the second hour of Friday shows, Nicole pulls out an old interview with performance from her music radio past. Today, it's Chris Isaak from 1994 in which his comedic wit is on full display!

Today, Nicole Sandler returns with a faulty computer, but lots to discuss, including last night's GOP debate #2.  The Professional Left's Driftglass joins in the fun!

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Every cable 'news" channel deemed it important to carry Donald Trump's Dallas rally live yesterday. So I thought we'd invoke the equal time provision (still in effect for candidates), and play Bernie Sanders' very important speech he delivered yesterday at Liberty University! GottaLaff joins in for hour two!  

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Nicole Sandler returns to after a week sidelined due to computer problems. She'll recap our lost week, talk with media trainer Joel Silberman and UK Progressive Denis Campbell about Jeremy Corbyn's big win in England

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It's the Friday before Labor Day, when we usually get a nice news or document dump. Julianna Forlano joins Nicole Sandler to take some guesses at what might be dumped later today. The writer/director of the new film, "The Algerian" visits. And for Flashback Friday, we go back to Nov 1996 at LA's KSCA fm 101.9 with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads – and to Channel 103.1 in Los Angeles on Nov 18, 1999 for a session with Wilco!

Despite the fact that the 2016 presidential elections are more than 14 months away, the various campaigns are pulling out all the stops to get their way. Today, Nicole discusses the latest electoral and debate news with Driftglass of the Professional Left Podcast, and Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. Plus the latest news, info and snark as we count down to Labor Day!

It's Wednesday, so Nicole Sandler's fellow Floridian joins in to call out their state's DUH-ness. Plus Lisa Graves from the Center for Media & Democracy with the soap opera that is Josh Duggar and his Koch problems

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President Obama is in Alaska, speaking about climate change. Gaius Publius joins Nicole Sandler in hour 1 to discuss how the president's policies have kept up with his rhetoric... or not. Plus GottaLaff returns from vacation!

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