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Nicole finishes the month by talking news with Current TV's John Fugelsang, and The Political Carnival's @GottaLaff, and heckling the president's press conference

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Nicole gives an update on her dog Pooh. Comedian Dean Obeidallah talk about his piece at, "I'm Muslim and I Hate Terrorism". Nicole Belle joins from Crooks and Liars for "Fools on the Hill". And NBA player Jason Collins comes out as gay.

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Nicole talks about George W. Bush as his "lie-bury" is being dedicated today in Dallas, and remembers his many gaffes with "Bushisms A to Z". Comedian Julianna Forlano and "Family of Lies" author Russ Baker join in the discussion.

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Nicole explores the crazy conspiracy theories around the Boston marathon bombings and the #FreeJahar people on twitter. Plus Amy Simon of She's History and John Amato of Crooks and Liars

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Nicole talks about some of the crazy consipiracy theories regarding the Boston Marathon. Kevin Zeese joined in to talk about the "Green Shadow Cabinet" as an alternative to the broken government we have now. And GottaLaff brought her newest Blunt webisode covering the Senate's failure on gun…

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Nicole talks about the environmental issues facing our planet with Allison Chin, president of the Sierra Club. Plus a recap of last week's news, the latest from Boston and more. And Nicole Belle of Crooks & Liars with "Fools on the Hill"

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Nicole recaps the insanity of the week including the Boston marathon bombing and the horrific irresponsible "news" coverage ever since, the Senate's filibustering of gun legislation, the Ricin-laced letters sent to senators and the president, the explosion in West, Texas, of a fertilizer factory...  Guests are Julianna Forlano and Cliff Schecter

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Nicole talks about Lawrence O'Donnell's shilling for Obama's proposed cuts to Social Security with Howie Klein of the Blue America PAC (and about Blue America's contest for candidates against Chained CPI). Rachel Tabachnick told us about Ron Paul's new Home School Curriculum (be very afraid!), Amy Simon informed us about Frances Perkins, and John Amato on the media and more.. 

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Nicole talks about the horrific bombing at yesterday's Boston Marathon with guests @CliffSchecter and @GottaLaff

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Nicole comes down after a weekend of music at the Tortuga Music Festival to talk reality in our political world with Congressman Alan Grayon and in the "Fools on the Hill" segment with Crooks & Liars' Nicole Belle

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Nicole featured two of her favorite topics today- politics and music. Alternet's Adele Stan filled us in on Rand Paul's speech at Howard University yesterday. Julianna Forlano weighed in on the media and more. And singer/songwriter Jill Sobule helped finish out our week.

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Nicole talks about Obama's budget and its cuts to Social Security and increased costs to Medicare recipients, and how Progressives are fighting back. CAF's Dave Johnson joined in to talk about those things and the filibuster fail, and Amy Simon told of us another Margaret from American history.

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Nicole has a musical tribute to Harry Reid and his shock that the GOP will filibuster gun legislation. CAF's Richard Eskow on Obama's plan to cut Social Security, and GottaLaff too.

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Nicole talks about President Obama's latest offer to cut the social safety net with Crooks & Liars' Managing Editor Susie Madrak. "Fools on the Hill" with Nicole Belle, and the death of Margaret Thatcher

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Nicole talks about the news on this, the 45th anniversary of the assasintion of Martin Luther King, the striking fast food workers in NYC, right wing world and the rest of the craziness going on with Julianna Forlano and Rick Overton

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Nicole talks about Charlie Crist's history against gun control.  Guests are Dem Progressive Caucus of FL Pres Susan Smith, She's History's Amy Simon and Crooks & Liars' John Amato

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Nicole speaks with the Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives about their new gun legislation which will be the toughest in the country. Plus recapping Michelle Shocked's attempts at career salvation on CNN last night, and The Political Carnival's GottaLaff

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Nicole opted against any April Fools pranks today, instead spoke about the sad joke that is Dr. Ben Carson's sick statements. Plus Florida's PIP at risk, transgenders and HRC, and Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill

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