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Journalist, author and filmmaker Greg Palast joins Nicole to talk about stolen elections and his film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Today's What's News covers Trump's 100 Days in office milestone

The two big topics on today's show - money, as D'ump's tax "plan" is rolled out, and media, as Sue Wilson of the Media Action Center joins in to talk about the coming end of Net Neutrality and more

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Trump's tax plan, Zombie health care, NAFTA and the senate field trip are covered in today's What's News?

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Nicole recaps the latest news, then chats with John Nichols, national affairs correspondent of The Nation about his lede editorial "The First 100 Days of Resistance Restored Our Faith in Democracy"

What's News for Wed April 26, 2017


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@GottaLaff joins in every Tuesday to talk about anything and everything in the news with Nicole Sandler

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What's News? for Tuesday 4-25-17

Today's What's News? - the strangest 6 minutes of news on the 'net

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Bernie Sanders joined new DNC chair Tom Perez on a red/purple state Unity tour. This is Bernie's entire speech from the Miami event on 4/18/17

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Nicole Sandler speaks with Gaius Publius about holes in the Syrian sarin gas story

He gets everything wrong in today's edition of What's News?

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@GottaLaff joins Nicole Sandler on Tuesdays to talk about anything and everything in the news

Today's What's News? looks at Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns

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Today marks 12 weeks of the D'ump presidency, and the distractions are getting ever more dangerous. Today, we'll talk a bit about tomorrow's Tax Day March-a-Lago, the latest from the Dumpster administration, and Boca Britany Somers hangs out in studio. And we'll open the phones at 954-889-6410 or Skype at nicolesandler for whatever is on your mind today.

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Today's What's News? explains the mother of all distractions in the form of bombs

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Today, the "US" dropped the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) - the largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in Afghanistan, ostensibly against ISIS-K. Nicole will take your calls on what this all means, along with the other changes in attitude by President Evil. Plus, it's Thursday, so Howie Klein is here to talk about what happened in the Kansas special election on Tuesday, next week in Georgia, and beyond.

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It's a busy Wednesday as Nicole is joined by former CIA officer Jack Rice to talk about the latest on Syria, Russia, FISA warrant for Carter Page and more intrigue. And to lighten the mood, Nicole's fellow FloriDUHian Deborah Newell returns for another segment of Oy FloriDUH

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Today's What's News? with Sean Spicer, unintentional holocaust denier

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It's Tuesday, so Laffy joins in to poke fun at the ridiculousness that is the Trump administration

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Today's What's News?

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Another busy news day as Trump bombs Syria and the Senate steals a Supreme Court seat. In the wake of the new law gutting our internet privacy, Nicole speaks with Jacob Hoffman-Andrews of the Electronic Frontier Foundation about how best to protect ourselves and our information online

Nicole Sandler's What's News - the most unique take on the news on the net

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The GOP went nuclear after the Dems filibustered their SCOTUS nominee for the stolen seat. The Mercers lose the seat they bought on the National Security Council for Steve Bannon. And D'ump is already sending troops, secretly, into Syria. Down with Tyranny and Blue America's Howie Klein is here for our regular Thursday afternoon get-together

Nicole Sandler's What's News with some comedy relief from our national tragedy

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Nicole Sandler checks in with Denis Campbell, aka UK Progressive, as the world seems to be crumbling around us

Nicole Sandler's "What's News?" - the most unique newscast on the air

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It's Tuesday, so Nicole Sandler is joined by GottaLaff to follow the insanity down the rabbit hole

Nicole Sandler's What's News today looks at GOP hypocrisy

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