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Nicole discusses the wide range of emotion many of us are feeling on this Day-Before-Thanksgiving. Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak joins in to discuss where it all went wrong, and Al Jazeera America's Robert Ray calls in from Ferguson. We'll end the show with something to be very grateful for- and annual discussion on this program with adoption advocate and attorney Rob Lamarche as National Adoption Month draws to a close and Thanksgiving arrives.

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Nicole discusses the decision handed down last night by the Ferguson Grand Jury of no indictment for the cop who killed Mike Brown. She checks in with journalists and activists who've been in Ferguson covering the protests, including The Nation's Mychal Denzel Smith, rapper Jasiri X and WeActRadio's Peter Callahan. Plus Amy Simon and @GottaLaff join in during hour two for another gathering of the Gliberal Goddesses

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Nicole kicks off Thanksgiving week with a look at the news- from the fight over immigration reform to the wait for a Grand Jury decision from Ferguson. Howie Klein joins in to talk about alternatives to Hillary Clinton, and Vice News' Jason Leopold reports on Ferguson, the CIA's torture report and the FCC's cozy relationship with the industry they're supposed to be regulating.

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Nicole discusses President Obama's announcement of his executive order on immigration and the bigger topic of family values as she celebrates the 14th anniversary of her adoption of her daughter this weekend. And because we all need some music now, we segue into the weekend with her 1996 interview with The Finn Brothers (Crowded House, Split Enz) from KSCA/Los Angeles.

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Nicole talks about the president's plan to issue an executive order on immigration with New Republic's Danny Vinik, who puts it in historical perspective for us. Greg Palast tells how the Crosscheck voter purge system gamed the election. And Amy Simon joins in to talk about what's sexy and what isn't ... and more!

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Nicole talks about the Democrats habit of self sabotage, underscored by their ridiculous vote on the Keystone XL pipeline last night. Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak joins in to discuss the latest news, and  Global Trade Watch's Melinda St. Louis updates us on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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Nicole talks about how lies told by interested parties and perpetrated by the media have consequences - from the Affordable Care Act to Ferguson, MO. Former health insurance executive turned whistle blower and author Wendell Potter and @GottaLaff guest.

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Nicole Sandler applauds Anonymous for their #HoodsOff action exposing KKK members near Ferguson and elsewhere as tensions rise in expectation of a Grand Jury decision on the fate of the cop who shot Mike Brown. Howie Klein is back with the segment formerly knows as The Steve Israel Hour. Plus, is this the Obama we've been waiting for?

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Nicole talks about the Democratic Party and her belief that it needs to make some big changes. Huffington Post's Ryan Grim explains Elizabeth Warren's new leadership position in the senate, and their ill-fated decision to hold a vote on the KXL pipeline. In hour two, it's Flashback Friday with Aimee Mann and Michael Penn.

Nicole talks about the right wing outrage over Springsteen's performance of "Fortunate Son" at the Concert for Valor Tues night, and the rest of the right's disconnect with reality. Brad Friedman join in to recap the elections regarding voting machine/voter suppression effects on its outcome. Desi Doyen explains the climate agreement with China and the latest on the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Congress reconvenes today for the Lame Duck session. Nicole talks about what they won't get done. Tim Karr of joins in to talk about the president's Net Neutrality statement and the status of the fight. Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak weighs in too.

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It's Veterans Day and, sadly, we're making more of them. Today we learn about a new group formed to fight back against ALEC. And the Gliberal Goddesses - @GottaLaff, Amy Simon and Nicole Sandler - reconvene.

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Nicole discusses the election outcome with Howie Klein (Down With Tyranny, Blue America PAC) and Congressman Alan Grayson, who just won his third term in Congress.

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As much as we'd like to Flashback to before Tuesday, we spent the first hour dissecting what happened. CBS4/Miami's Jim DeFede helped unpack what happened in Florida, and the Campaign for America's Future's Dave Johnson told us about what went wrong nationally and gave a preview of next week's action against the TPP. In hour two, we went back to 2000 for my interviews with musicians Colin Hay of Men at Work and Jill Sobule.

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Nicole attempts to have a positive outlook on the future in the wake of the election debacle. The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel gives her analysis and tells about her recent meeting with Edward Snowden. Plus She's History's Amy Simon too.

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Nicole delivers the post-mortem on the 2014 midterm elections with Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak and author/Professor Harvey J. Kaye

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It's election day, and it's Nicole's birthday! Today, we deal with both. Julianna Forlano and GottaLaff join in the fun.

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It's election-eve, and Nicole discusses the state of the vote with Down with Tyranny & Blue America's Howie Klein. Plus Greg Palast gives the details of his latest investigation for Al Jazeera on a massive multi-state voter purge.

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