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Richard Simmons brought his mom to take over the show

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I don't know the exact date, but it was in the second half of 1994. Bob Coburn and Joe Benson were both fired from KLOS on the same day. Jim Ladd, then doing nights on KLSX, invited them on his show. I put in a tape and let it roll... I edited out the music and commercials. So enjoy this slice of LA Radio history..

1991 at the Palladium

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Part two of the Kurt Russell saga, in which Kurt himself comes to the studio to guest on the show

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From the Mark & Brian Show at KLOS/Los Angeles-- We finally got Kurt Russell to call the show.

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Nicole reflects on our very bad week and the effect that art can have - for good or for bad. Today's guests are award-winning editorial cartoonist Dan Perkins (Tom Tomorrow), and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame two time inductee Graham Nash. And a bonus Flashback Friday segment from 1999 with Lucinda Williams.

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On Friday mornings, Nicole Sandler segues into the weekend with her Flashback Friday segments, featuring music interviews & performances from her music radio days. Today, she interviews Melissa Etheridge in real time about the biz, her new album and more. Plus The Nation's Sports Editor Dave Zirin on the intersection of sports and politics and the Rams "John Carlos moment".  And finally, Peter Hecht, the author of Weed Land talks marijuana, as we all could use a bit of chill time this weekend!

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It's Flashback Friday on the Nicole Sandler Show. Nicole heads back to Netroots Nation to share her interviews with Mike Rogers of Raw Story & Netroots Connect, and John Bradshaw of the National Security Network.

Then it's back to Feb of 2000, as Nicole Sandler hosted the national world premiere broadcast of Steely Dan's first album in 20 years, Two Against Nature, complete with an interview with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and lots of music.

Nicole Sandler interviews Taurus Sports Associates' David Sloane about steroid use in major league baseball

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Singer songwriter Amy Kuney joins Nicole Sandler for an interview and acoustic performance

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12-2-09 Michael McKean Actor Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap) takes a break from his Broadway Show, "Superior Donuts" to appear with Nicole Sandler on Air America radio
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11-17-09 Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin speaks with Nicole Sandler about her book "Official Book Club Selection" and lots more....
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10-16-09 Olivia Gentile - Life List Author/Journalist Olivia Gentile speaks with Nicole Sandler about her book "Life List"
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10-9-09 Jeff Lindsay - Dexter Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter books, joins Nicole Sandler on Air America radio
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9-25-09 Lisa Lampanelli The Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli, joins Nicole Sandler on the radio
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9-26-09 Glenn Garvin - TV Glenn Garvin, TV critic at the Miami Herald, speaks with Nicole Sandler about the fall TV season
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