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At the end of Friday's show (March 15, 2024) with Marcy Wheeler, I stayed on the air for an overtime segment to honor my friend Angela McCluskey who died the previous night.

I'm excerpting it here as a standalone segment.


A musical salute to those who gave their lives to this country

Tom Petty joined Nicole Sandler on the air at Channel 103.1 in Los Angeles on April 30, 1999

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The day the music died in Los Angeles... February 4, 1997

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Nicole is out today, so we reach back into the radio archives for some talking with musicians. As they say, music has charms to soothe a savage breast... 

So, from 1996-2010, Nicole's interviews with Billy Bragg, Ray Davies, Melissa Etheridge and Jackson Browne.

It's Friday! After Nicole Sandler runs down the news stories she wasn't able to get to this week with some help from Julianna Forlano, it's Flashback Friday time. Although we've previously shared Nicole's May 1996 interview with The Kinks' Ray Davies, the follow-up, recorded at the airport a week or so later, had been missing, until today. Nicole shares both Ray Davies interviews today. Plus a last minute final rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline too!

It's Friday! After Nicole deals with the unfortunate news that US participation in the war in Afghanistan will not end during the Obama administration, we get on with the business of segueing into the weekend. Julianna Forlano brings the laughs. For our Flashback Friday segment, Nicole digs into her music radio archives for Ben Folds Fives' first LA radio appearance, 20 years ago this week, on 10-18-95!

It's the Friday before Labor Day, when we usually get a nice news or document dump. Julianna Forlano joins Nicole Sandler to take some guesses at what might be dumped later today. The writer/director of the new film, "The Algerian" visits. And for Flashback Friday, we go back to Nov 1996 at LA's KSCA fm 101.9 with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads – and to Channel 103.1 in Los Angeles on Nov 18, 1999 for a session with Wilco!

As we wrap up a week most of us would prefer to forget, Nicole takes us back six years to Sept 1, 2009 and Air America Radio. She broadcast her show from LA that week, and had some special guests. Today, we'll listen to her visit from singer/songwriter Jill Sobule and music legend Don Was! Julianna Forlano helps recap the week in absurd news too.

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Nicole digs into the latest report from NOAA that says July was the hottest month on record, ever! The new Quinnipiac poll is out and it's not looking great for Hillary. Julianna Forlano joins in to help recap the week's news, including the new little pink pill for women, and the Ashley Madison hack. It's a Flashback Friday double-header with Graham Parker from Nov 1996, and Fastball from 15 years ago today!

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Nicole decided to actually take a day off! Perfect timing too, as she recently discovered this 1995 radio program she hosted: "REM Monster Radio" that runs almost exactly two hours.

So, it's a full show featuring a cool Flashback Friday program with a great American band (there's that Fourth of July tie-in).

Today's the day that the House of Representatives will vote on Trade Promotion Authority, better known as Fast Track. It all comes down to this! We'll keep an eye on the vote and break in to see what our elected representatives do as it happens, and chat with Democracy for America chair Jim Dean about the letter they sent to members of Congress this morning, urging a NO vote. Our resident Republican, John LeBoutilliler, weighs in on some of the GOP presidential hopefuls. And for Flashback Friday, it's my rare interview with New Radicals' Gregg Alexander from May of 1999.

It's another Flashback Friday! After discussing the inhabitants of the 2016 GOP Clown Car with Republican political commentator John LeBoutillier, Nicole Sandler pulled her two interviews with Dave Matthews from the archives - his first Los Angeles radio appearance from 1995, and another from 1999 after he was a superstar!

Blues legend BB King died last night. Today, for our regular Flashback Friday segment, Nicole will play the 2000 radio special she hosted for the release of BB King and Eric Clapton's "Riding with the King" album.  

In the first hour, Nicole talks with her GOP friend, John LeBoutillier, about Jeb Bush's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week... and the TPP too!

Nicole covers the day's news and info, then looks back. For some reason, John Melendez (Stuttering John from the Howard Stern Show) joins in, and Nicole turns the tables and asks him pointed questions. We segue into the weekend with an amazing 1996  radio appearance at KSCA from the Brian Setzer Orchestra

Because it's Friday, Nicole focuses on some of the better things in life. Medical Marijuana activist Robert Platshorn joins in with details of the upcoming Rally in Tally and the latest in pot news. We celebrate Joan Baez' 74th birthday with a Flashback Friday session with Baez and Dar Williams from 1996 at a Starbucks in Los Angeles!

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Nicole is back to talk about the news of the day- from Cuba to North Korea and the movies, to the end of the Colbert Report. Plus the Ready for Warren campaign. And a Flashback Friday segue into the weekend with Bruce Cockburn and Everything but the Girl.

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Nicole welcomes the weekend after one of the worse weeks ever. She'll elaborate on the torture report and a sickening budget bill that will mark the end of the 113th Congress. Peter Hecht joins in to talk about his new book, "Weed Land". And the week ends with Flashback Friday, today featuring The Wallflowers from 1996 and New Radicals' Gregg Alexander from 1999.

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Nicole discusses President Obama's announcement of his executive order on immigration and the bigger topic of family values as she celebrates the 14th anniversary of her adoption of her daughter this weekend. And because we all need some music now, we segue into the weekend with her 1996 interview with The Finn Brothers (Crowded House, Split Enz) from KSCA/Los Angeles.

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Nicole talks about the Democratic Party and her belief that it needs to make some big changes. Huffington Post's Ryan Grim explains Elizabeth Warren's new leadership position in the senate, and their ill-fated decision to hold a vote on the KXL pipeline. In hour two, it's Flashback Friday with Aimee Mann and Michael Penn.

Nicole wraps up another week with Heather "Digby" Parton talking about the latest news and what we all need to know. For Flashback Friday, we go back to Sept of 1995 when Jagged Little Pill was at the top of the charts with Alanis Morissette's visit with Nicole at LA's KSCA fm 101.9

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From the archives - Nicole Sandler interviews Michelle Shocked, plus performance from KSCA Los Angeles

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Nicole Sandler speaks with a listener who's going to jail tomorrow on marijuana charges, Bruce Perlowin-the chairman of Medical Marijuana Inc, and comedian John Fugelsang

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Nicole Sandler discusses the Republican efforts to bring a suit declaring the health care law unconstiutional with Florida Senator Dan Gelber, the threats and obscenities toward the Democrats with Jack Rice, and finished the show with comedian John Fugelsang.

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12-3-09 Angela McCluskey and friends Angela McCluskey (Wild Colonials, Telepopmusik) and some of her friends join Nicole Sandler live in the Air America studios.
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11-13-09 Dan Navarro Dan Navarro speaks with Nicole Sandler about Lowen & Navarro, Eric Lowen's battle with ALS, and the new tribute album, "Keep the Light Alive: Celebrating the Music of Lowen & Navarro"
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10-29-09 Neil Finn - 7 Worlds Collide Neil Finn (Crowded House, Finn Brothers, Split Enz) speaks with Nicole Sandler about his new project, 7 Worlds Collide.
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9-16-09 RIP Mary Travers RIP Mary Travers.  Thanks for the music.
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6-2007 Little Steven Nicole Sandler's interview with Little Steven on the morning after the Sopranos finale (posted today, after another great Springsteen show in South Florida!)
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9-11-09 John Ondrasik - Five for Fighting John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting joins Nicole Sandler on Air America to talk about the significance his song "Superman" took on for the first responders of 9/11
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9-1-09 Don Was and Jill Sobule Nicole Sandler is joined in the studio by Don Was and Jill Sobule
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8-29-09 Billy Bragg - Beethoven Bragg Billy Bragg joins Nicole Sandler to discuss his new project.. an updated version of Beethoven's Ode to Joy
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8-29-09 Kerry Candaele - Following the Ninth Director/Producer Kerry Candaele speaks with Nicole Sandler about his forthcoming film "Following the Ninth" and Billy Bragg's new words to Ode to Joy.
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A musical tribute to Ellie Greenwich
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7-10-09 Nicole Sandler speaks with the former editor in chief of RIP magazine, Lonn Friend
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Israeli Navy hijacks boat with aid for Gaza Nicole Sandler speaks with Donna Baranski-Walker about the Free Gaza aid boat that was captured by the Israeli Navy yesterday.
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6-19-09 Jeff Kravits - Rock & Roll Photographer Nicole Sandler speaks with Film Magic's Jeff Kravitz about Bonnaroo
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Nicole Sandler speaks with Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the 6th Anniversary of the Iraq war on her Air America Radio show
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Nicole speaks with singer/songwriter Jill Sobule about the new business model she used to finance her upcoming record
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Graham Nash - We CAN Change the World

SO sorry for the long time since the last episode.  Sometimes life gets in the way, which was the case here. The need to earn a living takes precedence over all else.

So, I recently started a new job.  I'm producing The Jim DeFede Show, a new morning show at South Florida's Progressive Talk Station, AM 940.  Since music radio in South Florida is so awful, this is the station I find myself listening to most of the time, so it made sense to go there.

I do participate on-air as well, and in my role on that show, I had the opportunity to interview Graham Nash a couple of days ago.  He was in town for the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young South Florida stop on the "Freedom of Speech '06" tour.

As I knew it would be, the interview was wonderful, so I thought I'd share it with you here.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Back By Popular Demand... Ben Folds Five

Well, I really didn't expect to be doing this again.  But I do appreciate the email I received from a few of you, saying that you'd like to hear the interviews even if I had to delete the songs. 

Gina, who I believe is in the Netherlands, wrote "It’s for the contents of the interview, the things that are being said, people tune in i guess... Hearing the music is cool too, but we can play those ourselves.. Perhaps you could delete the music but show in a message what songs were played...
If you have more interviews in stock that are worth listening to, i’d say go for it...
... And yes, listening to interviews isn’t any less attractive if there’s no music in it..."

And from David in Santa Monica... one of the old-time KSCA listeners, "Keep doing the podcast if you can; interviews, stories, whatever. You always had us as soon as we heard you, the music was only a fraction of the attraction."

The kind words mean more than you know... So, let's give this another shot...  I will let you know which songs were played, so you can find them and plug them in yourself, if you so choose.  (And perhaps a kindly worded email might get me to share the live version with you!)

So, today we travel back to October of 1995... the very first Los Angeles radio appearance by Ben Folds Five....


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As we close the curtains on 2005, I want to thank all of you who found and embraced Radio Or Not. It's been my lifeline to the worlds of music and radio during my self-imposed exile!

As much as I enjoy running my own business, I admit that I prefer finding great music and playing it on the radio. As I always said, "it sure beats working!".

Once again, I'll ask you to visit our sponsors-- . We can help you preserve, organize, share and enjoy your old photos, videos and home movies! And for all your audio and podcasting production needs!

We're halfway through the decade that still has no name. Think about it... it's not like the 60's, 70's 80's or 90's.... Do we call it the OH's? Or the Ot's (I think not!). Perhaps we'll have to wait until the teens to figure it out....

At the end of this year, which had admittedly been a difficult one for me, I wish you and your family health, happiness, prosperity, and peace on earth. In this time of war, it makes it all the sadder that this year marked the 25th anniversary of the brutal murder of one of my heroes.
So on this, my final podcast of 2005, I'll leave you with my remembrance of John Lennon.

Nicole Sandler
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Radio Or Not #10: Jackson Browne... he always wanted to be an Eagle! If I had to put together a list of my 10 favorite all-time artists, Jackson Browne would definitely hold one of the spots. He's been on that list since music started playing a major role in my life. And now, if you ask my daughter her favorite, Jackson Browne would be one of the first names she'd mention as well.

I met Jackson a few times before I ever had the chance to interview him. The first was after a benefit concert at Santa Barbara's Arlington Theater, when my date said to him, "You made her cry!". And to his quizzical look I explained that "Late for the Sky" always makes me cry... and then sheepishly walked away.

I've always said that a truly great song can elicit a physical response, whether it be goose bumps or tears. Jackson Browne's music does that for me.

I've seen him in concert countless times; more than any other artist. I've seen him with a full band, and I've seen him solo acoustic. The latter is how he came and joined me on the air at the KSCA Music Hall on September 13, 1996. If you enjoy what you hear on this episode of Radio Or Not, you'll probably want to pick up Jackson's latest album, "Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol. 1".

As always, if you like what you hear or have any suggestions for future episodes of Radio or Not, feel free to leave a comment here or email me at Also, please visit our sponsor, Legacy Group Unlimited (that's me too...).

Just in time for the holidays, we offer lots of wonderful gifts made from your priceless photos, as well as family keepsake video production.

Thanks for listening! Nicole Sandler
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No, not the Neil Young song, but Wilma. She tore through South Florida with a fury none of us seasoned hurricane veterans expected, at least here on Florida's east coast.

But today, almost 2 weeks later, we find many of our friends and neighbors still powerless-- literally and figuratively. Most of the world doesn't know how the streets of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale resemble a war zone. Trees and traffic lights are down everywhere, the roads are almost impossible to navigate and kids have been out of school for 2 weeks. It looks like a war zone. People are downhearted and shell-shocked. Businesses are hurting, mine included.

When I put up the last podcast, it was just after Hurricane Katrina, and I did a short musical tribute to the Gulf States, and disseminated information on ways we could all help those affected. All that information is still here on the Radio Or Not blog (just look at the previous post). If you'd like to help the victims of Wilma as you helped those who were subject to Katrina's wrath, there are many down here who would be extremely grateful.

Today, I'll use this space and the very special podcast I put together to promote my own businesses! It takes time to build a business, and I've only been at it a little over a year. Wilma stopped it all cold. So, ss we approach the holiday season, and we're all starting to think about what to give our family and friends, I invite you to check out the offerings at Legacy Group Unlimited!

We offer wonderful gifts made from your precious, priceless photographs. From custom DVDs made from your family photos, home movies, slides & memorabilia to beautiful photo handbags to sharing all the old family photos with your entire family, making leather-bound photo books, calendars, jewelry, jigsaw puzzles, and just about anything else you can think of from those photos we can help you with most of your holiday gift-giving!

Thanks for supporting your sponsors!

Enjoy the music in today's podcast... It's an assortment of songs recorded live in the KSCA Music Hall. Featuring The Jayhawks, Matthew Sweet, Lyle Lovett, Ben Harper, Kevin Gilbert, dada, Graham Parker & David Byrne doing unreleased live renditions of some songs you know, and some you've likely never heard before. If you like what you hear, tell your friends about the World Class Podcast at

A quick postscript... The email address I gave out in the podcast is wrong. (That's what I get for posting so infrequently!). So, please feel free to send your comments to
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So sorry for the technical glitch! It is now fixed, and the entire episode is ready for listening.
Thanks for your patience...

I worked in radio for 26 years. The most rewarding part of the job was feeling like I was doing something when disaster struck. I was on the air in Los Angeles immediately after the Northridge earthquake. And I was visiting my father in Miami when Andrew struck, and was able to report back to the LA listeners what it was like.

I've been out of radio for about a year now, and have felt like there was something I could do. So, I decided to use this podcast to play the music I felt needed to be played, and to give out some information.

Thanks for listening! If you enjoy what you hear, perhaps you'll go to one of the links below and contribute a little something. And maybe you'll send your friends here.... Hopefully they'll enjoy Radio Or Not too!

The Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW
The Salvation Army
Kids Help Out A wonderful site for children, teaching them about helping at an early age!
Nourish The Children The humanitarian division of NSE, dedicated to feeding hungry children worldwide


CraigsList More ways to help than you can imagine! Offer housing, clothes, food, money, and lots more! A site where friends and families can register to find one another!

Katrina Help
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Thanks for bearing with me for the Jerry Garcia detour... the 10th anniversary of his passing deserved to be dealt with. Very strange for me to go back 10 years and listen to a small bit of what was the best (career-wise) time of my life. Unfortunately, that morning was not my strongest. I think I was a bit shell-shocked, and didn't come out of that mode for about an hour. Then the outpouring from his fans was just overwhelming. I was honored to be a part of it.

Looking back at my radio career, I'm amazed at how lucky I was to have not only met, but had the opportunity for meaningful discourse with some of my favorite all-time artists. This interview with Steely Dan was just such an experience.

I'm happy to share with you Part 2 of the interview we recorded for the "World Premiere Broadcast of Two Against Nature. Once again, instead of just posting the show as it aired, I've taken the raw interview and edited in the music we talked about, whether it was used on the final broadcast show or not. You also get to hear all the behind the scenes and background chatter, as well as segments that didn't make it into the show.

I hope you enjoy it, share it with your friends, and send in your feedback!

And please visit our sponsors: and Legacy Video Productions .

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In February of 2000, Steely Dan released their first studio album in 20 years, "Two Against Nature". Nicole Sandler had the honor of hosting an extensive interview with Donald Fagen & Walter Becker for the World Premiere Radio Broadcast debuting the album. This episode of Radio or Not contains the entire interview... in its unedited, raw form.
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Radio or Not #4- Ray Davies Part 2 My first interview with Ray Davies went so well that I was contacted by a company I often worked for to do another interview with him for use in a nationally syndicated radio show. Ray had a busy week in Los Angeles, so the interview was to take place at the airport, just before he would get on the plane to return to England. I was a fan before I interviewed him; Ray Davies totally won me over with his charm, sense of humor and intelligence!
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Radio Or Not #3- Patti Rothberg Episode 3 of Radio or Not features an interview and performance with Patti Rothberg fron June 4, 1996. She had just released her debut album, "Between the 1 and the 9" on EMI records, and made her LA radio debut in the KSCA Music Hall on her first trip to Southern California
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Radio Or Not #2 - Ray Davies One of my all-time favorite interviews, with the one and only Ray Davies of The Kinks, recorded live on the air at KSCA on May 15, 1996.
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