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If ever a weekend was needed, it's now! Nicole welcomes FreePress's Tim Karr back to the show for a celebration of the FCC's vote on Net Neutrality yesterday! A look a CPAC, and a new  "Mean People Suck" segment too. And it's Dave Matthews from a 1999 interview with Nicole on Flashback Friday

In addition to the important news of the day, Nicole continues the dialog around her defense of Patricia Arquette's "equal rights for women" Oscars plea, and the backlash it its wake. Best of the Left's Jay Tomlinson reached out with some advice, and joins Nicole in the first hour. In hour two as the Gliberal Goddesses gather, we give She's History's Amy Simon center stage for a refresher course on the history of feminism in America.

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Nicole spends this Wednesday morning with Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars, and Florida-based writer and mom Deborah Newell Tornello, talking about the news

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Nicole devotes today's show to the controversy surrounding Patricia Arquette's calls for equal rights and equal pay for women. Imani Gandy (@angryblacklady) joins in during the first hour to explain why she and other women of color were so offended. In hour 2, Nicole shares some emails, Tweets and the full email exchange that Elon James White quoted from on his blog.

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Yes, Nicole will talk about last night's Oscars, as the acceptance speeches were quite memorable! But she also discusses the dire danger we're in from nukes with one of the world's greatest authorities, Dr. Helen Caldicott. Julianna Forlano will join in the discussion of news vs exaggeration too, and then things get weird as Nicole notices a big disconnect on Twitter.

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Nicole is joined in studio by Boca Britney (formerly known as Boca Brian) to talk radio, politics, and LGBT issues. For Flashback Friday we go back to May of 2001 for a studio session with the band Semisonic.

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Today, Nicole Sandler welcomes her favorite Congressman back to the show, Alan Grayson. He talks about the president's request for a new AUMF to fight ISIL, the looming Trans Pacific Partnership, our oil problems and lots more. Plus Amy Simon of She's History with some SNL stories..

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Bob Kincaid joins us from West Virginia to talk about the oil train derailment/explosion, and his push to end mountaintop removal mining with The Ache Act.   Susie Madrak talks politics and more.

In the face of all the madness in the world, Nicole looks at the need for humor with @GottaLaff and John Fugelsang!

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Nicole is here with a live show for Presidents Day, the morning after SNL celebrated its 40th anniversary. Media Critic and strategist Joel Silberman joins in. Plus Julianna Forlano brings the absurd news...

It's Friday! Today, Nicole Sandler talks with journalist Maria Bustillos about her CA road trip covering inequality in California for Capital & Main. Her Flashback Friday musical segment takes us back to Sept 2009 and Air America Radio, as Nicole did her show from LA with special guests Jill Sobule and Don Was.

As the president asks Congress for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force, Nicole Sandler tells of her 1990 trip to Saudi Arabia on the eve of the first Gulf War. Seriously. Digby joins in the discussion about our newest war. Amy Simon of She's History guests in hour 2 to talk about the Swimsuit issue and why 50 Shades of Grey is nothing new

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Nicole Sandler returns from a sick day to sad news for all lovers of real news disguised as fake news. Susie Madrak joins in to discuss the end of the Jon Stewart era at The Daily Show and the Brian Williams era at NBC. Plus author, speaker, and all around brilliant woman Nomi Prins explains some of the stories we should be following but don't quite understand...

Nicole continues the discussion of Brian Williams' story telling with Julianna Forlano. Attorney and author Stuart Smith tells us about fighting Big Oil. Plus the Grammys. And Howie Klein explains his absence.

It's Friday! Today, Nicole takes on the news conundrum and Brian Williams' lies and the rest of the news of the week. Criminologist Scott Bonn tells us about America's obsession with serial killers. And we rock into the weekend with a Flashback Friday music session from the Wild Colonials 

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Nicole Sandler reports on good news for a change!'s Tim Karr joins in to talk about the about face on Net Neutrality. And the Gliberal Goddesses (Nicole, GottaLaff, Amy Simon) gather to talk about the media, Brian Williams' war stories, and lots more!

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Nicole Sandler discusses the levels of absurdity to which today's politicians have descended, from waffling on vaccinations to claiming hand washing rules are oppressive. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars joins in. Plus CAF's Dave Johnson on the fight against the TPP and fast track and other actual important issues

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Nicole tackles the war on drug and the anti-vaccination movement. Journalist Johann Hari guests to talk about his new book, Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs. And Nicole goes back to 2010 for her interviews with defrocked Dr. Andrew Wakefield (the guy credited for the anti-vax trend) and Brian Deer, the journalist who exposed him.

It's Groundhog Day and we're doing the same stupid things again and again. Oil & energy expert, author & journalist Antonia Juhasz weighs in on Obama's decision to open the Atlantic to drilling. Plus Julianna Forlano helps Nicole Sandler unpack the week's most absurd news stories (of which there are plenty to choose from).