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Nicole is out today, at the National Urban League conference, being held in Ft. Lauderdale, where Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, Ben Carson and Jeb! Bush are all speaking this morning. As Nicole attempts to get a few minutes with Bernie, she put together a special program for today, featuring three of her past interviews with Senator Sanders. And for our musical flashback, it's Ray Davies of The Kinks!

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Last night Bernie Sanders officially kicked off his organizing effort with 3500 gatherings around the country, and even got some media attention! Plus a step in the right direction in Cincinnati, as the cop who killed Sam DuBose was indicted for murder.  Harvey J, Kaye and Heather "Digby" Parton guest!

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Nicole is outraged over much of the news today, from the killing of Cecil the Lion by an American dentist, to Congress' 5 week vacation coming up while there's important work to be done. Deborah Newell Tornello joins in for our Oy FloriDUH segment (and to rant about the lion killer), and David Dayen explains the latest on the highway bill and more. Plus, Nicole airs her interview with Carl Safina, animal expert and author of "Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel" recorded last week.

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Nicole recaps some of the troubling news dominating the headlines this week, from 35 of Cosby's victims, to the Republican candidates' quest for coverage, and everything in between. In hour two, the Gliberal Goddesses reconvene to continue the discussion.

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Today Nicole turns the injustice-o-meter toward our original victims, Native Americans. Dave Johnson joins from the Campaign for America's Future to tell us about the latest land grab from Native Americans, this time with the land going to a foreign corporation! Plus media strategist and trainer Joel Silberman turns a spotlight on the media. Join the chat at from 10-12ET.

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Nicole is disgusted at the state of our "news" media, especially regarding its non-stop coverage of Donald Trump, and the lack of news about actual news, like last night's movie theater shooting in Louisiana. Julianna Forlano guests. For Flashback Friday, we go back to 1994 with Sheryl Crow.

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Today, Nicole is joined by two classy gentlemen, Driftglass and Gaius Publius (filling in at the last minute for Howie Klein) to discuss everything from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump and more

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Proving the old adage "Trust No One," there are two news stories that rely on deceptively edited videos to smear a person (Sandra Bland) and an organization (Planned Parenthood). Fellow Americans, you've reached a new all-time low. Deborah Newell Tornello is back for another installment of Oy, FloriDUH, and a political novice - Dr. Alina Valdes - runs for Congress.

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Since you can get all the Donald Trump "news" you can digest from anywhere else, we'll ignore the asswipe here. There's plenty of other things about which to get angry. For instance, Wes Clark suggests putting Muslims in internment camps! Cenk Uygur agrees with my assessment of the BLM protest at Netroots. Plus, @GottaLaff is back. Don't worry, I'll still piss someone off today

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Nicole recaps the BlackLivesMatter action at Netroots Nation this weekend with regular guest Joel Silberman who happens to sit on the Board of the Netroots Foundation. Plus candidate for Alan Grayson's House seat, Susannah Randolph joins in too.

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Today, Nicole talks with Bayan Rahman, Kurdistan's Representative to the US to learn more about the Kurdish people, their challenges and their relationship with the US & their Middle Eastern neighbors. Plus, we check in with Sandra Manis from Athens, Greece, who takes issue with how the US media is portraying their debt crisis. We end the week with a Flashback Friday session from Ben Folds Five from 1995.

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 Today, Nicole speaks with author & UWGB professor Harvey J. Kaye about Scott Walker's bid for the presidency. Jeff Sharlet returns to discuss his latest for GQ in which he embeds on Skid Row to learn about yet another cop killing of an unarmed black man. Plus the latest on the Iran deal, the RoN auction and more!

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Nicole Sandler kicks off her long-awaited Radio or Not Fundraiser Auction today. She'll spotlight a few of the items each day for the next 10 days. More info at Congressman Alan Grayson weighs in on the Iran deal, and The Nation's John Nichols joins in to talk about the Bernie Sanders momentum and more!

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A nuclear treaty was announced this morning with Iran. Nicole shares the details and speaks with Peace Action's Paul Kawika Martin about what it means. Amy Simon of She's History is back to chat about the rest of the day's news

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Nicole talks about Live Aid on the 30th anniversary of that trans-continental concert, and gives the details on the first ever Radio or Not Fundraising Auction (which includes a pair of unused tickets to that show!). Cliff Schecter joins in to tell us about Bernie Sanders' stance on guns, and Joel Silberman celebrates his birthday with us!

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Nicole talks money in politics with a guy whose name is synonymous with it, Shaun McCutcheon (as in McCutcheon v FEC), plus more in the 2016 sweepstakes. For Flashback Friday, it's David Byrne from this week in 1994.

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It's a busy Thursday on the Nicole Sandler Show. Driftglass returns to talk Shuck Toad and the news, Harvey J. Kaye explains Bernie Sanders' popularity surge in historical perspective, Congressman Alan Grayson throws his hat in the ring and, as if that wasn't enough, more!

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Today, Nicole looks past the cries of inevitability towards what is possible -- how's that for cryptic? Deborah Newell Tornello join in hour one to share some stories from the Oy FloriDUH files, and Susie Madrak returns to shoot the shit about the news

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Nicole discusses the latest news with a touch of snark. Today, author and journalist Antonia Juhasz explains the final BP settlement announced Thursday. GottaLaff is back to talk Cosby, Palin, and lots more.

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Nicole talks about the Greeks' rejection of more austerity measures and the rest of the news. Media strategist/trainer Joel Silberman joins in to discuss the latest proof of the Shock Doctrine in action, Hillary's press problems and more. "FOIA Terrorist" Jason Leopold tells us about the first batch of Hillary Clinton's emails, released in response to his FOIA requests.

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Nicole decided to actually take a day off! Perfect timing too, as she recently discovered this 1995 radio program she hosted: "REM Monster Radio" that runs almost exactly two hours.

So, it's a full show featuring a cool Flashback Friday program with a great American band (there's that Fourth of July tie-in).

Death and Drugs go together in many ways. Today, we'll deal with them both separately and together... Death, as in the Death Penalty, which the Supreme Court just upheld in the worst way. Author Barry Graham, who's witnessed two executions, writes about it and talks with us today. As for drugs, your costs are going up under TPP. Michael Grunwald got hold of the TPP chapter dealing with prescription drugs, and also joins us today.

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Nicole recaps the latest news with commentary from Heather "Digby" Parton, and Deborah Newell Tornello returns with another edition of the Oy FloriDUH files. Plus the latest news, info and snark...

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