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Today is Nicole Sandler's final show for a few weeks, as she's scheduled for surgery next week for lung cancer. Her guest for today's last show is Wendell Potter, former health insurance executive turned industry whistle blower on the urgent need for a single payer healthcare system.

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Today is Tuesday, so @GottaLaff joins Nicole to talk about the news and some stories we might not otherwise have gotten to. After tomorrow's show, Nicole is taking some time off for surgery and to recuperate. She'll take a few minutes for gratitude today 

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Nicole Sandler talks with Desi Doyen about climate change and Jeff Bryant about the state of public education

Nicole Sandler is back today for her final 2-hour show for a while (beginning Monday, she'll have one-hour shows until she goes on hiatus for surgery), exposing the ugliest of Americans from Paul Manafort to Ryan Lochte to Naked Donald Trump. Plus, the man who coud (and should) unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tim Canova, checks in during the final stretch toward election day on August 30. And in the second hour, Code Pink's Medea Benjamin pays us a visit as she's in town for a talk about her new book, "Kingdom of the Unjust"

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In a one-hour edition of the show, Nicole is joined by Gaius Publius for a conversation about some of Hillary Clinton's "tells" that are cause for concern.

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Today, a special "WTF did he say?" edition of What's News? 

Nicole delves into the world where things just don't make sense any more. Cartoonist Ted Rall joins in to tell about his lawsuit against the LAPD and the reason he needs to raise $75K to fight them. And GottaLaff joins in with things to make us laugh so we don't cry.

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Nicole Sandler's take on the day's news in six minutes!

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Nicole Sandler discusses the surrealism of this year's presidential race, and how "reality" television has skewed our perceptions. Heather "Digby" Parton weighs in on the insanity of it all.

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Nicole Sandler with a brief look at What's News for today

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Nicole tells about her trip to Tampa and consultations with the surgeons. Harvey J Kaye joined in to talk about the craziest election and candidates in history. 

In hour two, Marijuana Policy Project's Director of Federal Policies, Robert Capecchi, told us about the DEA's decision to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 substance. 

The Silver Tour's Robert Platshorn joined in to tell us about tomorrow's one day picket of Publix, whose founder's heir donated $800 million to the campaign to defeat Amendment 2, the medical marijuana amendment on the ballot Nov 8.

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Rick Simpson, the man for whom RSO is named, is a cannabis oil advocate whose work appears at He joins Nicole Sandler to discuss the anti-cancer and other healing properties of cannabis oil

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It's a one-hour edition of the show today. Nicole talks with Jules Boykoff from Rio about the Olympics and politics, and Amy Simon tells us about "She IS History"

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Jill Sobule and GottaLaff join Nicole Sandler today to talk about life's shit sandwiches and politics too. 

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Today, Nicole Sandler talks about the reported cancer-killing properties of cannabis oil with Rick Simpson, the man behind and the RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) named for him. CAF's Dave Johnson gives us the updated facts about the TPP, and the likelihood it'll be passed during the lame duck session - and what we might do to fend it off.

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Nicole is out today, so this is a special abbreviated edition of the show. The Green Party convention is underway, where Jill Stein officially gets the nomination. Today, we listen back to two of Nicole's interview with her - the first from April 2015 as Jill was launching her exploratory committee for this run, and the other from 2012 during her first run for the presidency.

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Nicole Sandler's week-end look at Trump's horrible week

Nicole Sandler's week-end look at Trump's horrible week

Nicole gives an update on her cancer tests and schedule for the coming days. Driftglass and Howie Klein guest to discuss the Trump insanity and more.

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Nicole is out today for more tests, so she put together an abbreviated Best Of program -- First up, some words of wisdom from the Rev. Dr. William Barber. After his rousing speech at the DNC, we pulled out the interview Nicole did with Dr. Barber at Netroots Nation in Detroit in 2014.

And with the Olympics opening ceremonies happening Friday night, we thought this was a good day to listen back to Nicole's conversation with Jules Boykoff, author of Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics.


Nicole tells the latest about her cancer battle and frustrations over the Obamacare insurance that most doctors and hospitals will not take! Bernie Sanders delegate and activist Portia Boulger weighs in on how to move forward now that primary season and the conventions are over. And it's Tuesday, so it's hour two with @GottaLaff.

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Nicole is back in her home studio, talking with Rick Neuhoff, a Bernie Sanders delegate from South Florida about the convention and the way forward for Sanders supporters. The Nation's Ari Berman joined in to talk about the striking down of NC's voter ID law too.

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