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Nicole talks about some of the big news stories on a typically slow news day -from the Pope to the IRS and more. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars joins in to discuss those. Jason Leopold tells us about the final installment of his series on the Abu Zubaydah diaries he obtained.

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Nicole looks at some of the stories in the news today - from Guantanamo Bay to Catholics with no sense of humor and more. An old interview with new congressional candidate Marianne WIlliamson, and Brad Friedman of Brad Blog joins in

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Nicole talks about Bruce Springsteen's new album, High Hopes, hitting Jan 14, and about her high hopes now that the filibuster has been reformed, and there's a deal with Iran. Dr. Trita Parsi joined in to talk about Iran, and C&L's Nicole Belle told us what happened on the Sunday shows in "Fools on the Hill"

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Nicole talks about all the reasons for feeling optimistic right now- and plays sound from Elizabeth Warren and Rev. William Barber to illustrate it. Meanwhile, Harry Reid pulls the "nuclear trigger" on filibuster reform for judicial nominations. Plus Julianna Forlano and Amy Simon join in.

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Nicole talks about more right wing religious hypocrisy... She talks about another take on the JFK assassination with Russ Baker, and Susie Madrak weighs in on that, our flawed media, Walmart and more..

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Nicole talks about how everything is backwards and broken in this country- from MSNBC to Congress... Lisa Graves tells us about, and GottaLaff joins in the discussion of the madness.

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Nicole talks with Congressman Alan Grayson, finds out about the Sun talk shows with Nicole Belle in "Fools on the Hill" and marvels at Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford..

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Nicole talks about the history and the future of radio in light of yesterday's announcement that Randi Rhodes' show is being cancelled at the end of the year. Nicole is joined by Absurdity Today's Julianna Forlano, She's History's Amy Simon, and the Working Families Party's Joe Dinkin.

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Nicole talks about religious hypocrisy (again), and the crazy, backwards way we seem to be headed as a society. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars joins in. And Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog tells us about the mess that is the southern half of the Keystone XL pipeline. And, wikileaks released a big portion of the TPP draft text too!

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Nicole talks about the problems in today's media-led world. Eric Boehlert of Media Matters spoke about the 60 Minutes botched Benghazi story, and GottaLaff joined in with a new "Blunt" webisode about the ACA

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Nicole talks with Jason Leopold whose newest blockbuster scoop for Al Jazeera America comes in the form of Abu Zubayda's diaries. Nicole Belle checks in for this week's "Fools on the Hill" installment.

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Nicole talks about the disconnect in today's Republican party - from religion to gay rights and more. Raw Story's Mike Rogers spoke about today's Senate ENDA vote, Julianna Forlano about NYC vs NJ elections. Plus Amy Simon on Shirley Chisholm, and Morgan Fox of MPP on marijuana laws

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Nicole talks about the progressive victories in yesterday's elections, and shares the interview she did with NYC's new Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio in August. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars joined in with more election recaps, and Americablog's Gaius Publius brings us up to date on the situation at Fukushima

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It's election day in an off-off year, but still important to vote and make sure your vote counts. Nicole talks with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern about Edward Snowden, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, and the security state. And GottaLaff joined in to talk about the insanity of it all.

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Nicole celebrates her birthday by talking about some elections tomorrow - including initiative 522 in WA to label GMO foods. Guests are Zack Kaldveer of the Organic Consumers Association, and Crooks & Liars' Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill.

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