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Nicole continues her year end wrapup with some of the best and most newsworthy interviews of the year, including former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer on guns & massacres, Dave Neiwert on the Bundy ranch standoff, Randi Rhodes show ending, Dave Zirin live from the FIFA World Cup in Rio, and the first gathering of the Gliberal Goddesses in Los Angeles

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Nicole looks back at the year through some of her best interviews. Today, we go back to January through March, with HORN's Bob Kincaid on WV's chemical water, Jeff Sharlet on the plight of gays in Russia, and Robert Parry on the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

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Nicole wraps up the year in live shows with Susie Madrak and Cliff Schecter- stay tuned next week for 2014 in Review

It's Festivus, so Nicole joins Pope Francis in the Airing of Grievances, one of the Festivus traditions. The Nation's John Nichols gives us a preview of this year's Progressive Honor Roll, and we visit with @GottaLaff for the last time in 2014

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I know it's only Festivus-eve, but we have a few grievances to air today. The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky guests to talk about the vile war of words from NYPD union chief toward Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Don Siegelman's daughter Dana joins me to talk about the ongoing political persecution of her father, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman
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Nicole is back to talk about the news of the day- from Cuba to North Korea and the movies, to the end of the Colbert Report. Plus the Ready for Warren campaign. And a Flashback Friday segue into the weekend with Bruce Cockburn and Everything but the Girl.

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Today's show features a repeat of Nicole's August 2012 interview with Don Siegelman, just a few weeks before he had to report back to prison, where he's still languishing.

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Nicole talks about the end of the 113th Congress and the rest of the news. Susie Madrak tells us about how one of the big witnesses in the Ferguson Grand Jury made it all up. And Pakistani journalist Kaswar Klasra checks in from Islamabad, where the nation is observing a three day mourning period after yesterday's school massacre left 143 dead. And breaking news about the normalization of US-Cuba relations!

Nicole tries to look at the positive today, with WI's Congressman Mark Potok and the Gliberal Goddesses (Amy Simon, GottaLaff). And we say Good Riddance to some of those retiring from Congress today too

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Nicole talk about the fallout from the torture report which has former Bush officials doubling down. Howie Klein returns to talk about the Senate's last gasp this weekend. And Ultraviolet's Shaunna Thomas on the Rolling Stone campus rape fallout and the real problem that continues.

Nicole welcomes the weekend after one of the worse weeks ever. She'll elaborate on the torture report and a sickening budget bill that will mark the end of the 113th Congress. Peter Hecht joins in to talk about his new book, "Weed Land". And the week ends with Flashback Friday, today featuring The Wallflowers from 1996 and New Radicals' Gregg Alexander from 1999.

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Nicole discusses the latest news- encompassing the good (Malala accepted her Nobel Peace Prize yesterday), the bad (Congress is about to undo protections from the banksters), and the ugly (torture). Vice News' Jason Leopold and She's History's Amy Simon guest. 

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Irony of ironies - As we're still digesting the sickening torture repeat released yesterday, today is Human Rights Day. Go figure. Nicole speaks with Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak about it. The Nation's Chase Madar weighs in on international law, and on the domestic front, why it's virtually impossible to indict a cop.

The long-awaited CIA Torture Report is to be released today. Nicole discusses it and its implications with's Marcy Wheeler in hour one, and Digby in the second hour. 

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Nicole talks with Cliff Schecter on the 34th anniversary of the shooting murder of John Lennon, and the week that marks the 2nd anniversary of the Newtown massacre. Plus Howie Klein on the problems with the Democratic Party. Plus more news, info and opinion. Find more at

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On Friday mornings, Nicole Sandler segues into the weekend with her Flashback Friday segments, featuring music interviews & performances from her music radio days. Today, she interviews Melissa Etheridge in real time about the biz, her new album and more. Plus The Nation's Sports Editor Dave Zirin on the intersection of sports and politics and the Rams "John Carlos moment".  And finally, Peter Hecht, the author of Weed Land talks marijuana, as we all could use a bit of chill time this weekend!

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Nicole discusses the big American problem after a Staten Island Grand Jury refused to indict the cop who killed Eric Garner yesterday.

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Nicole discusses the faulty narrative about race being perpetrated by the media. Crooks & Liars Susie Madrak joins in, and tells us about a beautiful tribute to one of the victims of the Newtown massacre.

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Nicole discusses the different attitudes toward the global protests about Ferguson, and the race problems still plaguing our society with writer and educator Tim Wise. @GottaLaff joins in for the second hour, because we've got to laugh....

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Nicole laments the lack of change in American society and discusses the news that happened while we were in a turkey coma. Howie Klein joins in with the segment formerly known as "The Steve Israel Hour". And's Dave Johnson helps us navigate the latest news and injustice. Find more at