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As the bailout fails, not too long after McCain took the credit for getting it done, the weird just keeps getting weirder....

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A bailout plan has been written and is being debated by the House today.  Are we rushing into this too quickly?  Also, a look at Friday's presidential debate and more on today's Radio Or Not.
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We awoke this morning to the news that Washington Mutual has failed, and now becomes the biggest bank in history to go down.  And John McCain is posturing and playing politics...
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Nicole returns from NY, just in time to try to figure out what John McCain is up to.  Suspending his campaign and trying to postpone tomorrow's debate?  WTF!?!?!
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Robert Lamarche of the Alliance for Children called in to give us the scoop on how Florida might be on the verge of getting rid of the ban on gay adoption!
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Mayor Raul Martinez, candidate for Congress from Florida's District 21 and former Mayor of Hialeah, calls in to the program.  He was supposed to by my special correspondent from the Democratic Convention in Denver, calling in every morning... but my show was canceled immediately before.  This morning, we caught up....

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A quick look at the economic mess we're in, and how John McCain continues proving he hasn't got a clue...
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McCain admitted he doesn't know enough about the economy... he said he needs to be educated.  But he certainly knew enough in 1989 to be one of the Keating Five.  Just don't forget that as we see banks failing today...
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Today, or Radio Or Not, we examine the remainder of Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson, and wonder whether or not we could survive a McCain/Palin administration...
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9-12-08 Palin's first interview On today's edition of Radio Or Not, Nicole Sandler dissects Sarah Palin's first major media interview!
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