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It's Leap Day and the presidential race is getting more insane by the day. Nicole Sandler speaks with media strategist and trainer Joel Silberman about the latest from the crazy train.

In hour two, Nicole welcomes Benjamin Dixon from his show to hers to talk about #OscarsSoWhite, #BlackLivesMatter, #FeeltheBern and more

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Today's show is late due to some technical problems on Nicole's end... but better late than ever. Julianna Forlano helps Nicole recap last night's GOP Debate and the Chris Matthews Debacle. Plus, Flashback Friday with Little Steven from 2008.

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Nothing is as it seems in Primary-land. Today, Nicole Sandler discusses the political state of the union with author and professor Harvey J. Kaye, and Blue America's Howie Klein.

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Nicole Sandler discusses the results of the NV GOP caucus which saw Trump winning with 46% of the vote! Fellow FloriDUHian Deborah Newell is back with some stories from the FloriDUH files. Huffington Post's Ryan Grim tells us about the still-growing heroin epidemic in the US and how DC isn't helping.

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The GOP has its NV caucus tonight, while the Dems have moved on to SC and the pundits are declaring Bernie's campaign DOA. Not so fast! Today, Nicole Sandler welcomes Gaius Publius to discuss what happened in Vegas that shall not stay in Vegas. And the Gliberal Goddesses gather in hour two, when things went off the rails!

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It's a new week. Today, Joel Silberman returns from a week away to give us his take on the latest news from the campaign trail. And we'll check in with a political operative, David Keith, to see what he can tell us from the field.

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Nicole Sandler wraps up another week with a  busy show! Progressive consultant & strategist Mike Lux weighs in on the Democratic divide, and Julianna Forlano brings the snark!

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The attacks on Bernie Sanders have begun - and they're coming from both sides of the aisle! Today, Nicole exposes a new World's Biggest Asshole from the media. Driftglass and Howie Klein both guest to speak truth to power.

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We're back up on YouTube today! Nicole welcomes Deborah Newell back for another edition of Oy Floriduh. Fred Clarkson has been analyzing the Religious Right for over 30 years, and just published a new study on The Religious Freedom Strategy of the Christian Right. Plus we're feeling the bern!

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Tonight Nicole takes her daughter to her first Springsteen concert! She did her best to contain her excitement during today's show, which featured Donna Smith of "Sicko" fame, now executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, and @GottaLaff too!

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