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Nicole Sandler tells the entire story of her arrest and incarceration after attending a Town Hall meeting with her Congressman, Allen West, and attempting to ask a question. 

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Nicole guest-hosted the Randi Rhodes Show today. Her guests included Congressman Raul Grijalva talking about The Peoples Budget, Dave Johnson of the Campaign for America's Future on this week's town hall meetings, and Cliff Schecter on gun control victories.

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Nicole speaks with Greg Mitchell about the WikiLeaks Gitmo files, Russ Baker of, and C&L's Nicole Belle

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Nicole speaks with journalist Greg Palast about BP, Pam's House Blend's Pam Spaulding, and comedian John Fugelsang. Plus a replay of her Nov. interview with the late Tim Hetherington

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Following the Obama-McCain debate on 10-8-08, Nicole Sandler and Andrew Breitbart were guests on Marc Germain's show on to debate the debate. Here's what transpired.

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Nicole Sandler speaks with Ken Bernstein (aka TeacherKen) about education, Truthout's Jason Leopold on the 1st anniversary of the BP disaster, and gives you the 411 on potential GOP presidential candidates 420 views.

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Nicole speaks with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi about "The Real Housewives of Wall Street", Public Citizen's Tysom Slocum about the price of gas, and The Political Carnival's GottaLaff about the rest of the news.

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On this tax day, Nicole talks about who's paying what with AlterNet's Joshua Holland. Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars joins with Fools on the Hill

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Nicole Sandler talks about the president's deficit reduction speech yesterday. Guests are comedian John Fugelsang and Rethink Afghanistan's Derrick Crowe

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Nicole gets the scoop on the GE Press Release hoax and applauds it, and excoriates John Kyl and the media's lack of attention to his blatant lie on the Senate floor.  Plus, activis/author David Swanson on his recent trip to Afghanistan

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