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Nicole recaps yesterday's Senate hearing on gun violence with some help from Cliff Schecter.  Plus, Current TV's John Fugelsang weighs in on the season of hearings in DC and guns too. 

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Nicole talks about today's Senate hearing on gun violence and listens live to Gabby Giffords statement at the top. Gaby Pacheco, DREAMer and activist joined in to talk about immigration reform. Plus Amy Simon of She's History and Crooks and Liars' John Amato

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Nicole talks about Jason Leopold covering the military tribunals pre-trial hearings going on now at Guantanamo Bay.  Down With Tyranny and Blue America PAC's Howie Klein joined in to talk politics - and told of his travels to India and Mali, where rape and slavery are endemic (repectively). And GottaLaff too...

Nicole talks with activist/blogger/media trainer Spocko about how to talk effectively about public safety and guns.  Nicole Belle joins in with our weekly Fools on the Hill segment on the Sunday shows.  And Nicole recaps the filibuster fix failure.

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Nicole gives an update on the efforts to fix the filibuster. Marcy Wheeler ( tells about yesterday's Hillary Clinton testimony on Benghazi, and Maysoon Zayid joins in for serious discussion and some laughs too

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Nicole speaks with Nick Turse, author of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam (Hint: we've been torturing people for a long time). Plus Amy Simon of She's History and Crooks & Liars' John Amato. Plus, guns in the news, the filibuster and Michelle Obama's eye roll at Boehner!

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Nicole talks with AmericaBlog's Gaius Publius about today's possible filibuster showdown, UCSF's Tracy Weitz about Roe v Wade's 40th anniversary, and premiered the last Blunt webisode from GottaLaff

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Today is President Obama's 2nd Inaugural, MLK Day, the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the third anniversary of Citizens United and the end of Air America. Nicole talk about all of those, and speaks with Toi Hutchinson, running for Congress to fill Jesse Jackson Jr's old seat. Plus Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill

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President Obama went big on his proposals announced yesterday to make us all safer from guns. Nicole discussed the proposals and what we must do to help them become reality with pundit/columnist/ consultant to Mayors against Illegal Guns, Cliff Schecter. Plus Maysoon Zayid on unfairness in Israel/Palestine and Hollywood

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Nicole talks about our precarious fiscal situation with Congressional Republicans threatening not to raise the debt ceiling and thereby taking the nation into default. Economist Warren Mosler explains MMT and why this threat is frightening. Also, Amy Simon of She's History and Crooks & Liars' John Amato. Todays show runs long, as Nicole carries President Obama's announcement of new gun regulations and proposed legislation.

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