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Nicole recaps the 2016 Republican National Convention with a little help from Julianna Forlano. In hour two, it's a conversation with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

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Nicole got the preliminary results from yesterday's lung biopsy, and shares the results. Plus Driftglass and Howie Klein guest, take on the GOP convention, Hillary's VP possibilities and more. And Jill Stein joins us tomorrow!

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Nicole Sandler's morning look at the day's news

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Nicole is out today (lung biopsy day), but put together a real Best Of show. On today's program, Nicole's interviews with Gen. Wesley Clark from 6-16-14 in which he shatters all of our earlier impressions of him, Bill Maher from 5-7-08, Norman Lear from 4-26-07, and the US Representative from Kurdistan, Bayan Abdul Raman, from 7-16-15. 

Nicole returns tomorrow.

Nicole recaps the first night of the Republican National Convention and prepares for night two. Rev Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church & State joined in to talk about Trump's comments about houses of worship losing their tax exempt status if they sound off on politics. And it's Tuesday, so we hung with GottaLaff in hour 2. 

Note: Nicole is out tomorrow for a lung biopsy. We'll have a special Best Of show to run, and we'll return on Thursday.

The circus hits Cleveland today as the RNC  gets underway today. With that as the backdrop, Nicole gives an update on her lung mass and discusses the global insanity that's ensued since Friday. Richard "RJ" Eskow guests in hour one to talk about the Bernie Sanders campaign and its aftermath; UK Progressive's Denis Campbell joined in hour two to talk about Britain's new government and Europe's latest tragedies.

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Nicole Sandler's morning take on the day's news

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Nicole lets loose on her "health" insurance company who, she found out right before showtime, DENIED her doctor's order for a PET-CT scan to find out what the mass is in her lung.

Boca Britany Somers joined Nicole in the studio, and Julianna Forlano called in to lighten the mood a bit too.

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Nicole Sandler's quick take on the day's news

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Nicole was out yesterday, dealing with the newly-discovered mass on her lung. After an update (we're waiting for United Healthcare to approve the PET-CT scan, then most likely a lung biopsy too), we got back to politics.

Harvey J. Kaye and Howie Klein both appeared on the show today, adding to the dejected feeling permeating the progressive left in the days following Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and discussing how we proceed from here.

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