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What happened in very different from what you're being told. We must take back the narrative from the media and the DNC. Today, Nicole Sandler welcomes Angie Morelli to the show. Angie was on the floor at the NV Democratic Convention, and has been speaking out against the lies. Plus David Dayen explains the story of the foreclosure fraud judgement against Bank of America being overturned by an appeals court, and Dave Johnson joined in to talk about Obama, Vietnam and the TPP, and the new overtime rules too.

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The Democratic Party and the Clinton camp continue their misinformation campaign against Bernie Sanders. Nicole Sandler runs down the latest poll numbers and talks with media trainer and strategist Joel Silberman about the media's nefarious practices, and with CNN's Van Jones about the Sanders-Clinton divide.

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Nicole Sandler reacts to Hillary Clinton's assertion that she "will be the nominee for my party,  that is already done in effect, there is no way that I won't be" and invites listeners to weigh in at 954-889-6410 or via Skype to nicolesandler. In the first hour, Portia Boulger of Women for Bernie and an At-Large Delegate to the DNC returns.

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The more the Democratic Party pushes back against the Sanders campaign, the more determined his supporters are to fight on until the end. Howie Klein returns to the show in hour two today to talk about the Democratic leadership waging war on Progressives. In the first hour, Nicole opens the phone lines to get your take on what happened in Vegas and the Democratic party dilemma

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Nicole Sandler covers the ongoing "he said, she said" about the NV Democratic convention on Saturday, yesterday's OR & KY primaries, and the rest of the madness surrounding the 2016 presidential campaign with today's guests Deborah Newell and Seth Abramson.

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Mid-way through reading David Dayen's book, "Chain of Title," Nicole Sandler is thrilled to welcome the journalist and author to the show to discuss the foreclosure fraud that scammed the nation (and continues today). Plus the media continues lying about the presidential race, and She's History's Amy Simon discusses sexism in today's political world and more.

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What happened this weekend at the Nevada Democratic Convention shows just how divided the Democratic Party is. On today's show, Nicole speaks with Adryenn Ashley who was there and shot tons of video (posted at, tells us all about it.

In hour two, we get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton's email controversy with Paul Thompson, creator of The Clinton Email Scandal Timeline at

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Nicole is out today, so we're going back a year to May 27, 2015, for the official kick-off of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. And a discussion with Dave Johnson about the TPP too. We'll be back Monday! Have a great weekend.

Andrea Mitchell Greenspan donned her best Clinton surrogate gear to "interview" Bernie Sanders yesterday and he showed why so many of us want him to be our next president. The media is still D'ump-obsessed, and George Zimmerman is back. Plus Driftglass, Howie Klein and a lot more on today's show. (And yesterday's show has been re-uploaded without the offending 30 seconds of a song that got us blocked yesterday... go back and hear the Sane Progressive!

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If you think this country has gone mad, you're not alone. Today, we talk about the insane with Deborah Newell (@litbrit) in FloriDUH and in primary-land. And we'll get a dose of sanity from Debbie Lusignan, aka Sane Progressive here on YouTube and beyond.

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