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Nicole Sandler of interviews newsmakers and talks about the News of the Day, with a progressive slant.

The long-expected bill to Fast Track the TPP was introduced in the senate yesterday. Nicole breaks down the specifics about the bad deal and explains what we can do to stop it. Monday marks the 5th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Antonia Juhasz tells what's changed since then. And we go back to Sept 1995 for Nicole's interview with the late, great Jeff Healey.

Nicole discusses the recent campaigns that show America moving to the left! Politico's Marc Caputo joins in to update us on the FL legislative session and look at Florida's presidential candidates too. And more...

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 On Tax Day, Nicole Sandler speaks with Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church & State about RFRA laws and religious tax evasion. Dave Johnson joins in from with the latest on the TPP and Fast Track Authority.

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It's National Equal Pay Day, which symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. The Gliberal Goddesses gather to discuss what that means! Plus Poli Sci Professor and author Thomas Schaller on the GOP efforts toward a constitutional convention to force a balanced budget amendment and weigh in on 2016 so far.

Nicole looks at the ever-growing cast of 2016 presidential candidates. Media strategist Joel Silberman discusses Hillary Clinton's announcement made over social media yesterday. Plus, Vice News' Jason Leopold weighs in on torture, Gitmo and more.

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Today, Nicole longs for good things - like a new New Deal. She discusses that with author/professor Harvey J Kaye. GottaLaff joins in for hour 2, talking about cops killing unarmed black men and other things that need to change in our world.

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Nicole talks about the latest shooting of an unarmed black man by a cop, this time in SC. Plus election results from Chicago and Ferguson. And Green Party 2012 presidential candidate Jill Stein, who's formed an exploratory committee for 2016, guests!

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It's that time again, election season is here. Rand Paul announces his presidential candidacy today, and it's game on. Nicole Sandler talks with Campaign for America's Future's Bill Sher about the Iran nuke deal, and with writer/commentator David Sirota about why Rahm Emanuel should be sent packing by Chicago today.

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Today, Nicole talks Dick Pics with Emptywheel's Marcy Wheeler, thanks to John Oliver and his epic interview with John Oliver, talking NSA, domestic spying & the Patriot Act! Plus strategist and consultant Joel Silberman tells us about spending last week in Chicago working on the Chuy Garcia campaign for Mayor! And more news, info and snark...

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Today, Nicole discussed the historic nuclear deal announced with Iran yesterday, and called a Tehran hotel to speak with an Iranian citizen about it. A fake congressman and real Chicago teacher joins in to talk about Chuy Garcia for Mayor. And for Flashback Friday, Nicole pulls out her 1998 interview with the one and only Joni Mitchell!