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Nicole Sandler lets Elizabeth Warren take the lead in today's "Nasty Woman" edition of What's News?

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Nicole is joined by "FOIA Terrorist" Jason Leopold of Vice News to talk about wikileaks, FOIA, elections, and the changing media landscape, wrapping up her first week back on the air. Oh yeah, and last night's Al Smith dinner.... oh boy

Nicole Sandler's unique take on the day's news, today featuring last night's Al Smith Dinner featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

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It's the day after the final presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle, and less than three weeks until election day. And it's the return of Howie Klein (Down with Tyranny, Blue America PAC) and the latest edition of What's News? too.

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In this edition of What's News?, Nicole Sandler recounts last night's third and final debate, but in six minutes only got to scratch the surface (so watch out for part 2 soon)

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Nicole talks with Mike Lux of Democracy Partners, a political consulting firm that was just infiltrated by James O'Keefe's sleazy Project Veritas. We also discussed the allegations raised by the Wikileaks release and Mike's new role as a special adviser to Donna Brazile. Tomorrow, the return of Howie Klein!

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Nicole Sandler's daily look at what's making news

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Nicole Sandler returns to her show after a two-month absence to deal with lung cancer! Today, she shares all the details, with a quick visit from GottaLaff at the end. Tomorrow, it's back to business as usual.

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From Trump's victim shaming to Melania's Bush blaming, plus election rigging and more... Nicole Sandler's What's News has been described as the best six minutes of "news" on the net..

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Nicole Sandler's What's News - the "why can't we vote for her?" edition... the best six minutes of news on the net... 

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