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Nicole Sandler of interviews newsmakers and talks about the News of the Day, with a progressive slant.

It's Flashback Friday! Nicole speaks with author Harvey J. Kaye about "The Fight for The Four Freedoms," his new book about FDR. For our musical segment, it's Nicole's 1994 interview with Boz Scaggs from LA's KSCA. And, on the 35th anniversary of her death, Nicole remembers her mom.

Nicole turns her attention back to Ferguson, MO, where protests and leaks continue and an indictment will be handed down soon, or not. Tim Eastman, photojournalist checks in from ground zero. Plus little girls cursing for good, and political sex scandals.. Amy Simon of She's History weighs in.

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Nicole recaps last night's farce of a gubernatorial debate, including the fan-tastic idiocy of Rick Scott. Randi Weingarten, president of AFT (the 2nd largest teachers union) joins to tell about this morning's conference call on Ebola. And Amy Simon of She's History brings some fabulous female facts.

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Nicole talks about the media's fear mongering - from Ebola to ISIS and beyond. Norman Solomon joins to talk about the targeting of whistleblowers and journalist James Risen. And Susie Madrak talks about corporate exploitation of workers and consumers. Plus the latest news and info you need to know.

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Three weeks out from election day, Nicole talks about ugly politics. Salon's Thomas Frank guests to discuss his latest interviews with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Plus John Brody of Backus Nurses/AFT on Ebola preparedness, Wendy Davis' ad, and Alison Lundergan Grimes' voting record too.

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Nicole kicks off another week with Howie Klein on the political landscape three weeks before election day. Aaron Krager was in Ferguson over the weekend for #FergusonOctober, two months after Mike Brown was killed. Plus an update on the high school threats last week.

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Nicole is back today after a heart scare and a night in the hospital. She explains what happened, and then it's business as usual. A new charter school study and the fallout from keeping women from access to safe, legal abortion. Plus what happened while Nicole was out...

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Nicole speaks with prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi about his book and movie about prosecuting George W. Bush for murder. The Gliberal Goddesses (GottaLaff, Amy Simon and Nicole) talk about Sugar Daddies, Ebola and lots more.

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Nicole talks about the two things you're not supposed to discuss in polite company- religion and politics. Today it's elections and politics to Islamophobia (with Ben Affleck and Bill Maher as the poster boys). Guests are author/activist Billy Wimsatt on the Dems potential loss of the Senate, and Jeb Lund on his Rolling Stone article about Florida's gubernatorial election

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Nicole Sandler has the latest on the Ebola scare and the rest of the day's news. Vice News' Jason Leopold tells us about his latest trip to Guantanamo Bay. And we rock into the weekend on Flashback Friday with Nicole's 1999 interview with The Jayhawks and Old 97's.