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Nicole Sandler of interviews newsmakers and talks about the News of the Day, with a progressive slant.

Nicole recounts some of the news that happened while all eyes were on Ferguson. Today is the start of NC's Moral Week of Action, with words of wisdom from Rev Dr. William Barber. Stephen Goldstein brings the No More Bullshit Minute. And for Flashback Friday, we go back to Aug 24, 1994 and my interview with Tori Amos.

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Nicole Sandler talks with Sasha Abramsky, author of "The American Way of Poverty" about the underlying cause of the unrest in Ferguson. Congressman Alan Grayson tells us about his efforts to demilitarize the police and why his amendment failed. Plus the latest news and information.

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Nicole Sandler is joined by Thomas Frank, author of (among others) "What's the Matter with Kansas". Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak on how real men should act. And the latest from Ferguson, MO, where Atty Gen Eric Holder visits today.

The seige of Ferguson continues in day nine as the world watches. Nicole Sandler updates with the latest news. Rick Perlstein, author of "The Invisible Bridge" guests, and GottaLaff joins in for our weekly Gliberal Goddesses segment.

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Nicole gives the latest on the situation in Ferguson, MO with Seth Jackson and Pete Callahan, members of We Act Radio's media team on the ground. Howie Klein guests on the militarization of police plus The Steve Israel Hour. Nicole Belle returns to say buh-bye to David Gregory. .

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Nicole Sandler welcomes the end of a horrible week! Nicole reports the latest from Ferguson, MO where last night was filled with peaceful protests, and this morning we learned the name of the shooter cop. Greg Palast returns to the show after heart surgery and, for Flashback Friday, Nicole pulls Pretenders and Shivaree from her radio archives

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Nicole discusses the unbelievable madness continuing in Ferguson, MO. Joshua Holland of joins in.  In his "No More Bullshit Minute," Stephen Goldstein talks about the BS term "justice." And Harry Shearer brings us back to saner times, talking about his portrayal of Nixon in "Nixon's the One"

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Nicole talks about the growing epidemic of police brutality, with reports of another police shooting near Ferguson, MO. Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak joins in. Plus, the Green News Report's Desi Doyen on the record flooding and other "strange" weather events.

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Nicole Sandler discusses the life and sad death of the great Robin Williams with GottaLaff and Amy Simon in their Gliberal Goddesses segment. Although it's hard to think of anything else today, life must go on, tragic as it is. Nicole also speaks with George Sheldon, candidate for Attorney General of Florida, and about the continuing unrest in Ferguson, MO after the police shooting of Michael Brown.

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The world is erupting in madness. Today Nicole Sandler discusses the insanity. From the police brutality killings in MO & NY, to the warfare on the other side of the world,  it seems as if the fuse has been lit. Today's guests are Howie Klein (DownWithTyranny, Blue America) and The Nation editor & publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel.

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