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Nicole Sandler discusses all that happened over the Thanksgiving weekend, from the Planned Parenthood shooting to the latest nonsense from the GOP presidential field. Guests are media strategist/trainer Joel Silberman and writer Heather "Digby" Parton.

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Nicole Sandler shares five of her interviews with Senator Bernie Sanders from 2010-2015- a Bernie Marathon for Thanksgiving.

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It's days like this that we have to dig down deep to count our blessings, so we will.. after talking FloriDUH with Deborah Newell Tornello, chatting with the other Democratic candidate in the Florida senate primary, Pam Keith, and recounting the horrible news of recent days. But tomorrow's Thanksgiving, and there's a law that says we have to be grateful for something, right?

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Nicole is joined at the top of the show by candidate for the US Senate from Florida, Congressman Alan Grayson, who recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. GottaLaff returns to hang out in the second hour and talk about the rest of the news.

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Today marks 15 years since Nicole Sandler became a mom. She discusses adopting her daughter with Robert Lamarche of Advocates for Children and Families. Plus Joel Silberman returns after a two-week absence to talk about all that happened while he way away.

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Bernie Sanders delivered his speech on Democratic Socialism yesterday, but if you get your news from the mainstream, corporate TV media, you'd never know. So Nicole shares some highlights this morning. Plus Kelly Carlin on her new book about life with her dad, George Carlin, and a Flashback Friday musical blast with the BoDeans from Nicole's radio past to end the week.

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Nicole discusses the sad US response to the refugee crisis, and the rest of the news. Professor Harvey J. Kaye returns to weigh in on Saturday's Dem Debate and preview Bernie Sanders' speech today on Democratic Socialism.

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As the insanity continues in Paris, life goes on (for most of us, anyway). Today, Nicole Sandler turns the focus on FloriDUH again. Deborah Newell Tornello joins in to share stories from the Oy FloriDUH files. And Brook Hines weighs in on the FL political situation.

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Nicole talks about the crazy reactions to the terror attacks in France from here in the US. Journalist Zaid Jilani joins in. Plus She's History's Amy Simon with some necessary diversions too.

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This morning, Nicole Sandler deals with the weekend's events - from Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris to Saturday's Democratic debate. 

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