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Nicole Sandler of interviews newsmakers and talks about the News of the Day, with a progressive slant.

Nicole discusses the big American problem after a Staten Island Grand Jury refused to indict the cop who killed Eric Garner yesterday.

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As much as we'd like to Flashback to before Tuesday, we spent the first hour dissecting what happened. CBS4/Miami's Jim DeFede helped unpack what happened in Florida, and the Campaign for America's Future's Dave Johnson told us about what went wrong nationally and gave a preview of next week's action against the TPP. In hour two, we went back to 2000 for my interviews with musicians Colin Hay of Men at Work and Jill Sobule.

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Nicole talks about the issues with Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars, and the GOP efforts to keep you from voting with BradBlog's Brad Friedman, plus more news, info and debates galore.

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Nicole is back after a short trip to New England, talking whistleblowers and torture with Emptywheel's Marcy Wheeler, Ebola, CNN, Oscar Pistorius' ridiculous sentence, our vacations and the rest of the news with @GottaLaff.

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A reminder about who Mitt Romney really is

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Nicole talks about the situation in Iraq in a very surprising conversation with Gen. Wesley Clark. She also discusses the strange political bedfellows talking sense! Howie Klein joins in for our weekly "Steve Israel Hour sponsored by Little Debbie," talking about Cantor's loss and the shockwaves in its wake.

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Jacob Dean of Filter Free Radio fills in for Nicole Sandler this morning (Nicole is in live for Randi Rhodes all week) and shares his experiences from and coverage of the event with Kshama Sawant in Portland, Oregon from Thursday 4/24/14. Jacob plays his exclusive interview with Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant on her inspirations and motivations, plus we take your unfiltered calls live, cover news of the day, and much more! Recorded live on 4/28/2014 in Portland, Oregon. Listen and watch Filter Free Radio live Monday evenings 7-9pm ET on Nicole Sandler's

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Tim Karr explains what today's DC court ruling against Net Neutrality means. The Nicole Sandler Show on

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Jacob Dean and Skeptical Scott fill in for Nicole and speak with David Pakman on the David Pakman Show on FSTV. Plus Founder of Occupy Democrats Omar Rivero and much more! Recorded on 6/4/2013

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Nicole gets the story on the Filibuster from Gregory Koger (author of "Filibustering"). Amy Simon tells about inspiring women, including Malala, and Crooks & Liars' John Amato talks about drones and more

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