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Today, Bernie Sanders officially announces his run for the presidency! Nicole discusses that bit of good news along with the rest of the news of the day. The Guardian's Steven Thrasher went from the steps of the Supreme Court to the streets of Baltimore on Tuesday, and tells us about that day. And the Philadelphia Daily News' Will Bunch weighs in on the Day the News Died.

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Another day, another dichotomy. From inequality in marriage to inequality in civil rights, this is life in America. Today, Nicole speaks with Georgetown Law Professor Nan D. Hunter who was in the court for yesterday's SCOTUS hearing on same sex marriage. Dave Johnson of gives a TPP/ Fast Track update. Plus the latest from Baltimore.

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It's a day of dueling stories - hope and joy at the Supreme Court as the justices hear the case that could lead to marriage equality across the land. And Baltimore burns, as protesters mourn the loss of another unarmed black man to police. GottaLaff joins in to discuss the dichotomy. And David Cobb of Move to Amend on the fight to get money out of politics...

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Nicole discusses the news through a range of emotions, from the laughter at Nerd Prom to the cries from Nepal, and everything in between. Media strategist/trainer Joel Silberman weighs in on the White House correspondents dinner and the scandalous reports on Hillary Clinton. Plus Brad Friedman embarks on a daily show, and more!

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Today, Nicole looks at things that are FUBAR in our world. Marijuana activist Robert Platshorn served over 3 decades imprisoned for pot. And Amy Ziering tells about her latest film, The Hunting Grounds, about the rape epidemic on college campuses.

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Today, Nicole welcomes Howie Klein back to the show to talk about how 2016 is shaping up for Congressional races. Catherine Hiller, author of "Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir" discusses her many decades of cannabis consumption. Plus, the latest on the TPP and more...

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On Earth Day, President Obama tours the Everglades. Nicole speaks with Jennifer Jurado, Broward County FL director of Environmental Protection & Growth Management, to find out if she's allowed to say "climate change" and more. In hour two,  journalist Greg Palast, who's traveled the globe investigating the Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez spills, tells us what he's uncovered.

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 Five years after the BP/Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, we're still dealing with the aftermath. Dr. Riki Ott explains the health perils, and tells us how to to weigh in with comments to the EPA. To bring some levity, GottaLaff join in for hour 2.

Just a few of the topics on tap for today. It's 4/20, do you know where your legal weed is? Media strategist Joel Silberman joins in to talk about the GOP clown car. And an actual Republican, former Congressman John LeBoutillier, will size up the clown car occupants...

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The long-expected bill to Fast Track the TPP was introduced in the senate yesterday. Nicole breaks down the specifics about the bad deal and explains what we can do to stop it. Monday marks the 5th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Antonia Juhasz tells what's changed since then. And we go back to Sept 1995 for Nicole's interview with the late, great Jeff Healey.