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Nicole Sandler speaks with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the 2016 election and his new film "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"  

It's my first show back after Thanksgiving, and it's Giving Tuesday. Shawna Vercher updates us on the recount effort, and GottaLaff joins in with her Tweet Spot. Plus fake news, lies and a gun in my neighborhood too!

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Today on What's News, Nicole Sandler recaps some of the insanity that happened over the long Thanksgiving weekend and since.

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The Day After Thanksgiving Show with interviews Nicole Sandler conducted for the Miami Book Fair with Ari Berman, Wesley Lowery & Sen. Bob Graham

Nicole Sandler interviewed actress/activist Jane Alexander and author/investigator Brad Meltzer around their appearances at the Miami Book Fair.  Plus, a Thanksgiving treat

Nicole Sandler takes listeners calls on Thanksgiving eve, counting our blessings (what few ones we could come up with)

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Trump trumps the press in today's What's News

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It's Tuesday, so GottaLaff is here to help Nicole navigate the strange new or neo-Nazi world of Donald Trump...

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Media strategist and trainer Joel Silberman is back! He was busy working during campaign season with candidates and I was out for a few months beating cancer. Today, he returned for a spirited conversation about what we do now.

In today's edition of What's News?, Nicole Sandler looks at some of Donald Trump's cabinet appointees

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