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You asked for it, so we are now on Friday mornings too! On Fridays, we open the phones to take your calls, and I end the week with a musical gem from my archives. Today, it was the first Los Angeles radio appearance by the Dave Matthews Band from early 1995 at KSCA.

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Nicole discusses the Edward Snowden interview and other news with comedian John Fugelsang. She's History's Amy Simon told us about Forbes' 10th Annual list of the Most Powerful Women in the world, and Mary Rickles of Netroots Nation with a preview of this summer's gathering in Detroit.

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Nicole talks about the courage and brilliance of Richard Martinez, who has been eloquent and powerful in his grief in dealing with his son's murder along with five others. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars and Digby both join in to talk about the gun problem and possible solutions

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Nicole talks more about the wake of the Santa Barbara massacre, and the wonderful twitter response with #YesAllWomen. Maysoon Zayid and @GottaLaff guest. Plus, Nicole talks about her problems with Ed Schultz.

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It's Memorial Day and, unfortunately, instead of talking about those lost in battle, we're talking about civilian victims of our gun epidemic. Cliff Schecter joins in. Plus Howie Klein with the weekly Steve Israel Hour, sponsored by Little Debbie.

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We don't usually do shows on Fridays, but we're thinking of changing that. Today, Nicole brings some interviews she recorded this month, but hasn't aired yet - including Senator Bernie Sanders, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Tim Fischer on how he turned their gun laws around, and Melissa Etheridge in a conversation from last week, and a interview/performance from 2003!

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Nicole discusses Ed Schultz announcement about ending his radio show tomorrow. Frank Schaeffer discusses his new book, "Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes in God". Amy Simon of She's History on the firing of the NY TImes' Jill Abramson, and lots more!

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Nicole talks with Susie Madrak about the Iranian kids arrested for making a video for Pharrell Williams "Happy", the problem of organized religion trying to legislate morality, and Dave Johnson of CAF on the New Populism Conference in DC tomorrow and the new website

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Nicole talks about the primary races on tap today, marvels that Rita Cosby got another job... and speaks with Stephen Goldstein about his new book, "The Dictionary of American Political Bullshit." And @GottaLaff joins in for some fun with the news too

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It's Nicole's first show since Randi Rhodes Show ended on Friday... Nicole talks with Congressman Alan Grayson about being on the new Benghazi committee, and Blue America's Howie Klein about giving away a Jimi Hendrix Platinum record award to a Grayson supporter. Plus, Nicole introduces her new puppy, Jaxson Brown Sandler-Sloane.

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