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Nicole speaks with Michael Steven Smith, one of the editors of "Imagine Living in a Socialist USA". Amy Simon of She's History and Absurdity Today's Julianna Forlano join in too.

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Nicole recaps last night's State of the Union. Susie Madrak weighs in (and gives us the latest dirt on Christie). And self-described Communist Jessie Myerson talks about the 5 Economic Reforms that would make this country a better place.

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Nicole pays tribute to the late, great Pete Seeger, previews tonight's SOTU and talks about other important issues with Digby and GottaLaff

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Nicole talks with Congressman Alan Grayson about the TPP, SOTU, WV woes and lots more. Nicole Belle brings "Fools on the Hill". Plus the Grammys, Mike Huckabee's female problem and more insanity.

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Today, Nicole takes a bit of a detour from politics to talk about the quest for happiness, which is hard to come by when you're living in poverty. Dr. Susan Shumsky will teach us how to achieve happiness. Amy Simon will weigh in on 41 years of Roe v Wade, and Julianna Forlano brings the funny

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Nicole talks with Ric O'Barry, former dolphin trainer turned activist, about the dolphin slaughter at Taiji Cove in Japan. Susie Madrak joined in to talk about the news, and more. Plus a group files a suit for marriage equality in Florida.

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Nicole marks a double auspicious anniversary today - the SCOTUS Citizens United ruling, and the end of Air America Radio with John Nichols of The Nation. In hour 2, GottaLaff and Cliff Schecter join in to pay tribute to Paddy Kraska, Laffy's partner at The Political Carnival. who died last week.

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Nicole talks about Martin Luther King on his holiday. Emptywheel's Marcy Wheeler explained what Obama said about NSA reforms. Crooks & Liars' Nicole Belle joined in with Fools on the Hill. Plus Mary Matalan on drugs, movie review and the Northridge Quake, 20 years later.

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Nicole talks with Howie Klein (DownWithTyranny, Blue America PAC) about where your political contributions actually go. Amy Simon fills us in on the Shriver Report, and Julianna Forlano brings laughs about Christie and more

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Nicole talks with Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak about the news, from ChristieGate to Congressional malfunction.'s Harvey Wasserman checks in with the latest info on Fukushima. And Bruce weighs in on Christie!

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