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Rachel Maddow has officially jumped the shark, carrying water for her corporate overlords (Comcast) and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Audio doesn't lie. Nicole takes off the gloves this morning.

Plus Driftglass and Howie

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Nicole Sandler recaps last night's CNN Forum with the 3 remaining GOP presidential hopefuls and it's a sadder reality than we could have imagined. Deborah Newell weighs in on one of her biggest problems with Hillary Clinton from her experience as a kid in Honduras (and a dip into the Oy Floriduh files too!).

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Nicole Sandler calls out the media for its role in turning the 2016 election into a farce. GottaLaff tells how the LA Times showed its bias this week. Claire Conner returns to the show to help trace the GOP insanity back to her childhood with the John Birch Society.  And Tim Canova, the congressional candidate challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz returned. Plus tone matters, Susan Sarandon speaks out and lots more.

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 We told you it was Primary Season 2.0. Nicole Sandler welcome Joel Silberman back to the show to talk about the Birdie symbolism on display this weekend, and Bernie Sanders’ landslide victories in all three caucuses on Saturday. Gaius Publius returns with the real delegate counts so you can push back on the corporate media spin.

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It’s Good Friday. Nicole likes to end the week on a lighter note, so today she welcomes comedian & host of the Indie Bohemians podcast, Ron Placone to the show to talk about his experience touring colleges and feeling the Bern. Plus your phone calls, Saturday caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington State, and a Flashback Friday musical blast from Nicole’s radio past… Billy Bragg from August 27, 2009 on Air America radio!

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We are an angry nation inside an angry world. The choice we're making in this election year is how best to deal with the anger. Nicole discusses that and more with professor and author Harvey J. Kaye, and Blue America PAC's Howie Klein

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 Nicole Sandler recaps last night's "Western Tuesday" primaries as the tide seems to be turning for Bernie Sanders with two YUUUGE wins last night. We'll open the phones today at 954-889-6410 or via Skype at nicolesandler to talk about voting and the problems in Arizona too.

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 The world awoke to another terrorist attack, this time in Brussels, Belgium.  We begin today's show checking in with Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive, for an update. Fellow commentator Benjamin Dixon weighs in on the 2016 primary season as we enter the second half. And the Gliberal Goddesses re-convene for some fabulous female facts as Women's History Month continues...

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Part two of the 2016 primary season is upon is, and madness is an apt description. Today, Nicole Sandler is joined by media strategist and trainer Joel Silberman who tries to make sense of the nonsensical. And Gaius Publius gives us the truth about delegate counts and what is possible.

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Nicole's under the weather today, so figured this is a good day to replay some of her old interviews with Bernie Sanders. So, it's Sanders and Sandler, 2010-2015 as we Feel the Bern!

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