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Journalist, author and filmmaker Greg Palast joins Nicole to talk about stolen elections and his film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Today's What's News covers Trump's 100 Days in office milestone

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The two big topics on today's show - money, as D'ump's tax "plan" is rolled out, and media, as Sue Wilson of the Media Action Center joins in to talk about the coming end of Net Neutrality and more

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Trump's tax plan, Zombie health care, NAFTA and the senate field trip are covered in today's What's News?

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Nicole recaps the latest news, then chats with John Nichols, national affairs correspondent of The Nation about his lede editorial "The First 100 Days of Resistance Restored Our Faith in Democracy"

What's News for Wed April 26, 2017


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@GottaLaff joins in every Tuesday to talk about anything and everything in the news with Nicole Sandler

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What's News? for Tuesday 4-25-17

Today's What's News? - the strangest 6 minutes of news on the 'net

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Bernie Sanders joined new DNC chair Tom Perez on a red/purple state Unity tour. This is Bernie's entire speech from the Miami event on 4/18/17

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