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Jacob Dean and Skeptical Scott of Filter Free Radio fill in for Nicole Sandler and talk about Chris Hedges' article "The Crime of Peaceful Protest" and if we want to dissent or resist does that makes us criminals? Plus we share exclusive interviews of Occupy movement participants we did in 2011 and 2012 who were abused by police violence. Plus we take your calls live and much more! Recorded on 4/30/2014.

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Jacob Dean and Skeptical Scott are in for Nicole Sandler Show live 4/29/14. We speak with Founder of Lindsay Caron Epstein on her new go-to network for organizing activism and more. Plus the news of the day, we take your calls live, and much more! Recorded on 4/29/2014 in Portland, OR.

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Nicole Sandler talks with Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia about how he helped push through sensible gun regulations in Australia, the difference the laws have made, and her idea for an international travel advisory against the US

Jacob Dean of Filter Free Radio fills in for Nicole Sandler this morning (Nicole is in live for Randi Rhodes all week) and shares his experiences from and coverage of the event with Kshama Sawant in Portland, Oregon from Thursday 4/24/14. Jacob plays his exclusive interview with Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant on her inspirations and motivations, plus we take your unfiltered calls live, cover news of the day, and much more! Recorded live on 4/28/2014 in Portland, Oregon. Listen and watch Filter Free Radio live Monday evenings 7-9pm ET on Nicole Sandler's

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Lots of news today to deal with on today's show - RIP Net Neutrality, Guns Everywhere in Georgia, TPP accidental roadblock, Cliven Bundy adds "racist" to his resume, Joe Biden promotes fracking in Ukraine, and lots more. Plus Amy Simon on "ban bossy".

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Nicole talks with Crooks and Liars' Susie Madrak about sexism in politics and the right's hypocrisy concerning women, and singer-songwriter Jill Sobule returns to the show to talk about and play some songs from her new album "Dottie's Charms"

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Nicole talks with the Green News Report's Desi Doyen on this Earth Day. Randi Rhodes is really leaving. Freedom of the Press is dead. And @GottaLaff joins in to have some fun with the news.

Nicole talks about the systemic killing off of progressive voices on the so-called public airwaves. Politico's Ken Vogel tells us who is funding right wing hate radio, and Media Matters' Angelo Carusone tells us about the battle to expose the hate talkers for who tehy are. And Nicole Belle brings us her final edition of "Fools on the Hill"

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President Obama announced that 8 million people signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, and said that the Republicans are going through the five stages of grief. I put together a montage to prove that point..

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Nicole is joined in the studio by She's History's Amy Simon who tells us about her history leading up to working on women's history. Plus Luan Cox, CEO of Crowdnetic, helping entrepeneurs use crowdsourcing. And the evil governor of NM, Susana Martinez in her own words!

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