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Nicole Sandler of interviews newsmakers and talks about the News of the Day, with a progressive slant.

Nicole decided to actually take a day off! Perfect timing too, as she recently discovered this 1995 radio program she hosted: "REM Monster Radio" that runs almost exactly two hours.

So, it's a full show featuring a cool Flashback Friday program with a great American band (there's that Fourth of July tie-in).

Death and Drugs go together in many ways. Today, we'll deal with them both separately and together... Death, as in the Death Penalty, which the Supreme Court just upheld in the worst way. Author Barry Graham, who's witnessed two executions, writes about it and talks with us today. As for drugs, your costs are going up under TPP. Michael Grunwald got hold of the TPP chapter dealing with prescription drugs, and also joins us today.

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Nicole recaps the latest news with commentary from Heather "Digby" Parton, and Deborah Newell Tornello returns with another edition of the Oy FloriDUH files. Plus the latest news, info and snark...

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Chris Christie squeezes into the already-crowded GOP clown car today! Nicole discusses his unlikely bid and more with the Gliberal Goddesses (GottaLaff and Amy Simon) along with the rest of the news. Plus Frank Schaeffer on religious hypocrisy

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Nicole reviews last week's life changing news events, including the Supreme Court's decisions on marriage equality and the future of Obamacare. Today's guests are media strategist & trainer Joel Silberman, and the BradBlog/ Bradcast's Brad Friedman.

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 All eyes are on the Supreme Court once again as this term winds down. Today we learned the fate of marriage equality in the USA. I also gave our resident Republican, John LeBoutillier, one last chance to redeem himself after showing his climate denier stripes. And we segue into the weekend with our Flashback Friday musical blast from the past. Today, it's my interview with XTC from 2000 and a bonus session with Wilco from 1999.

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 The SCOTUS big decision wait is on. Rumors have it that the high court would rule today on Same Sex Marriage. Brian Silva of Marriage Equality USA will give the background on the case it all hinges on, and more. The decision today was on the Affordable Care Act, and the court ruled in favor of us! Big surprise there! Plus Driftglass returns with a bi-monthly segment in which we call out the idiots and jerks...

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Nicole explains what happened yesterday as Fast Track advanced in the senate. Dave Johnson helps. Plus the confederate flag controversy -- something's missing. Plus the latest from the Oy FloriDUH files and more.

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While the media is obsessed with the president uttering the "N" word and the confederate flag, Congress is about to relinquish its responsibility to fully read, understand, debate and amend a major piece of legislation that could turn the world upside down! Nicole discusses this with Gaius Publius. GottaLaff joins in to talk about the issues they're using to take our attention off the Fast Track vote.

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Nicole discusses what happens when you have the confederate flag combined with racism and guns... it happened in an African American church in Charleston, SC. Guests are media strategist Joel Silberman and the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Dan Gross.