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The day after the NH Primary and a big win for Bernie Sanders, so even though I’m tearing down my studio to rebuild it for the new computer, I jumped in for a bit of a victory celebration today, including Bernie’s entire speech from last night, and three of my interviews with Sen. Sanders from 2010, 2014 and 2015…


Today, New Hampshire heads to the polls as the first in the nation primary day has arrived. Nicole checks in with Huffington Post's Zach Carter as the voting begins. Then two volunteers who Feel the Bern explain what they've been doing to help. In hour two, The Gliberal Goddesses reconvene - Amy Simon, GottaLaff & Nicole - and Amy isn't happy about Nicole designating Gloria Steinem as yesterday's "world's biggest asshole!"

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One day before the NH primary, the Clintons & their surrogates go for the Sanders jugular. RJ Eskow & Stephanie Kelton join in to explain how Bernie's economic plans would work. And if it's Monday, Joel Silberman returns to take on the candidates and the media too.

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Nicole discusses last night's first Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with Julianna Forlano and singer-songwriter Jill Sobule

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All eyes are on New Hampshire this week, after a "forum" last night, and the first one on one debate tonight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But first, DC is participating in an anachronism this morning. Harvey J. Kaye guests to talk about the horse race, and Howie Klein tells us about the latest outrage concerning the senator-wannabe Patrick Murphy & his hypocrisy

Nicole Sandler brings us up to date with the latest news from the biggest reality show the US has ever seen - the 2016 Presidential Sweepstakes. Deborah Newell returns for our weekly FloriDUH files which today includes Marco Rubio. And Futurist Sara Robinson explains why she predicted millennials will be a force in electoral politics years ago...

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Nicole recaps yesterday's first in the nation caucus in Iowa - a nailbiter on the Democratic side, and a spanking for Trump. We check in across the pond with UKProgressive's Denis Campbell for a first-hand account of how single payer health care works in England during a real medical emergency.

And it’s Tuesday, it’s @GottaLaff in hour two!

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It's caucus day in Iowa, and the 2016 presidential race is officially on. Today, Nicole talks about the campaigns with media trainer/strategist Joel Silberman; FOIA Master Jason Leopold of Vice News explains what's really going on with Hillary Clinton's emails (he filed the FOIA request responsible for the email release in the first place); and comedian Jimmy Tingle is running for President on the Humor for Humanity ticket, and joins us from New Hampshire.

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Nicole Sandler follows logic down the rabbit hole today as she recaps some of last night's final GOP debate before the Iowa Caucuses on Wednesday, Donald Trump's hypocrisy on veterans and more. And for Flashback Friday, Nicole unearthed her 2-17-10 interview with Jackson Browne, recorded on a visit to LA...

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Nicole Sandler turns her attention toward the Republican lurch toward insanity. Driftglass has a few thoughts to add to that discussion in hour one. Howie Klein joins for hour two, and introduces us to the latest Blue America-endorsed congressional candidates. And Neil Degrasse Tyson takes on the Flat Earth Society.

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