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Nicole Sandler of interviews newsmakers and talks about the News of the Day, with a progressive slant.

Nicole Sandler welcomes Poli Sci Professor/Author Harvey J Kaye back to the show to talk about Obama's swagger and our country's preoccupation with balls! For Flashback Friday, it's back to 1994 with Sheryl Crow

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As the DoJ is expected to clear Ferguson's shooter cop of violating Mike Brown's civil rights, video surfaces of a NJ cop shooting a man with his hands up. Nicole talks with Congressman Alan Grayson about that, the SOTU, Citizens United 5 years later, the TPP and lots more. Amy Simon is back with some fabulous female facts we probably didn't know.

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On the fifth anniversary of The Nicole Sandler Show's move from Air America radio online (due to the demise of AAR) and the Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United, Nicole begins the next five years recapping last night's State of the Union address by wondering how different things would be if President Obama governed as he spoke last night! Guests are Susie Madrak and Cliff Schecter

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Nicole Sandler is joined by Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean and her Radio or Not colleague GottaLaff to preview tonight's State of the Union address, talk Elizabeth Warren and other ideas to help move the nation forward, plus some fun and laughs too

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Nicole Sandler discusses the new film  , Selma, and why it didn't garner more Oscar nominations with journalist Glynn Wilson and comedian Julianna Forlano

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Because it's Friday, Nicole focuses on some of the better things in life. Medical Marijuana activist Robert Platshorn joins in with details of the upcoming Rally in Tally and the latest in pot news. We celebrate Joan Baez' 74th birthday with a Flashback Friday session with Baez and Dar Williams from 1996 at a Starbucks in Los Angeles!

Today, Nicole ventures back into domestic politics with two Toms today: PoliSci Prof/author Thomas Schaller, and author/columnist/brilliant man Thomas Frank

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Nicole discusses the controversy over the new Charlie Hebdo cover, what is "offensive", FloriDUH and Chris Christie's latest scandal in the making. Today's guests are Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars and comedian Maysoon Zayid

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With so much hacking in the news today, Nicole talks with "The Ethical Hacker" Ralph Echemendia. Plus, it's another gathering of the Gliberal Goddesses - GottaLaff, Amy Simon & Nicole Sandler

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Nicole adds her voice to the growing group of voices criticizing the US for its absence from the Paris solidarity march. Nicole speaks with retired Col. Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, and comedian/host and the woman behind Absurdity Today, Julianna Forlano, returns to the show.

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