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The D'ump inaugural address- heaven help us all edition

It's the eve of destruction as Donald Trump will be sworn in as our 45th president tomorrow. Howie Klein joined me to talk about the dozens of congressional reps who are boycotting the inauguration and more..

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Today on What's News?, Nicole Sandler compares and contrasts Obama's final press conference with D'ump's first one in 6 months

Nicole talks about the Obama presidency as a parallel to her relationship/marriage, as the outgoing president holds his final press conference before leaving office on Friday. Then Marcy Wheeler joins in to talk Russians, hacking, the intelligence community, Chelsea Manning, Snowden, Assange and more...

Today's What's News? brings highlights (LOWlights) from Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education

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Nicole Sandler and GottaLaff talk about everything from TV to D'ump, as we're just three days away from inauguration. 

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On today's What's News?, fighting back to save Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the Affordable Care Act

It's the final Friday show before D'ump's inauguration. The Campaign For America's Future senior Fellow Dave Johnson joins Nicole to discuss the rabbit hole down which we've fallen

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The most juvenile edition of What's News? yet, inspired by the most juvenile president elect in history

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Nicole Sandler discusses some of the confirmation hearings going on this week, and welcomes Howie Klein back after his three-week trip to Thailand

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