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Nicole showed up today, battling bronchitis, to deal with yesterday's shameful showing in the senate as four bills introduced to help stem the American gun epidemic were all blocked by Republicans. GottaLaff returns for our regular Tuesday gathering too.

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Nicole attempts to go live from the new studios, so anything can happen today. Joel Silberman joins in at the top of the show, and Cliff Schecter returns in hour two to talk about the gun votes that'll happen in the Senate today.

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It's the end of a long, brutal week. Mass shootings, senseless murders, and never-ending political games and deception. And Bernie Sanders announced the Political Revolution 2.0 last night. Today, after we hear Bernie's remarks from last night, Nicole opens the phones to hear from you - no holds barred, whatever is on your mind. It's our online group therapy session.

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Florida had a really shitty week and, this morning, Deborah Newell and I will pile on with our weekly look into the FloriDUH files. Gaius Publius returns to talk about the Democratic divide, the media's fake narrative about party unity, and the battle lines we've all drawn. Plus the latest news, info and Nicole's opinions too.

We're still numb from the news of the massacre in Orlando. Today, we'll try to make sense of what happened and how to insure it never does again. We'll share Nicole's 2014 interview with Australia's former deputy prime minister, Tim Fischer, who helped end that nation's mass shootings. And @GottaLaff returns too.

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The world is in mourning as the United States, the gun capital of the world, broke a record again. The biggest mass shooting in our history. We, as a nation, need help. Today, Nicole Sandler speaks with Joel Silberman, a gay man and a media strategist and trainer who's currently working on the campaign of Bob Poe, running for Congress from Orlando, who just last week revealed that he is HIV+. 

And finally, what now Bernie? Huff Post columnist Seth Abramson returns and tells us about @NewBlueMovement

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This week, the video of a meeting about election integrity in California in which attorneys Bob Fitrakis & Cliff Arenbeck explain why they've filed lawsuits demanding the release of exit polling and returns to show that fraud is inherent in our system. This morning, Bob Fitrakis joins in to tell us of their concerns, give an update on the lawsuit, and what comes next.

Find out more and watch the full video of the 5-27 meeting at

In hour two, we open the phones to get your reaction.

As Bernie meets with President Obama and Harry Reid today, Nicole Sandler considers what we do next. Donna Smith, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, guests to talk about “Justice or Bust,” The People’s Summit in Chicago next week, and the future of the Democratic party. Driftglass joins in too for our every-other-week dose of snarky commentary

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Things didn't go as well as we had hoped last night, but the political revolution continues. This morning, Nicole Sandler opens the phones to talk with her listeners - from the Bernie or Busters to those who say we must unify to defeat Trump .

Deborah Newell became a citizen to be able to vote for Bernie Sanders, and joins in today to talk about the road forward.

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Nicole Sandler attempts to unpack the media malpractice by the AP and NBC "news" in declaring Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee before reaching 2383 pledged delegates. Randi Rhodes calls in to weigh in, and give us an update on our new radio venture. GottaLaff joins in for hour two and takes calls with Nicole.


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