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As we wrap up a week most of us would prefer to forget, Nicole takes us back six years to Sept 1, 2009 and Air America Radio. She broadcast her show from LA that week, and had some special guests. Today, we'll listen to her visit from singer/songwriter Jill Sobule and music legend Don Was! Julianna Forlano helps recap the week in absurd news too.

We've officially passed the period known as the Dog Days of Summer, but yesterday was National Dog Day, when American attempted to comfort ourselves by posting pictures of our precious pups. We did it to escape the painful news of the day, which included at least TWO shootings in which at least two people were killed, Life in America. Today, we'll deal with the aftermath, plus talk with Harvey J. Kaye and Howie Klein.

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This week marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans. Part time resident Harry Shearer joins in to tell what he discovered about the reasons why New Orleans flooded while making his film, "The Big Uneasy".  Florida is in the crosshairs of Erika - so it's a perfect day for another dip into the Oy FloriDUH files with Deborah Newell Tornello. And just before we hit the air came the news of the shooting death of a TN news crew in VA live on the air. Shit storm, indeed.

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The wild stock market ride continues today, as does the wild ride toward the 2016 presidential elections. She's History's Amy Simon explains Women's Equality Day, happening tomorrow!

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It's the first day of school here in South Florida, but we'll still be knee deep in campaign season a year from now! Today, Nicole speaks with Joel Silberman about Donald Trump's Fri night Alabama rally & his penchant for exaggeration. Cliff Schecter tells us about his naughty weekend, sneaking into the Defending Freedom conference and getting a selfie with Rafael Cruz.

Nicole digs into the latest report from NOAA that says July was the hottest month on record, ever! The new Quinnipiac poll is out and it's not looking great for Hillary. Julianna Forlano joins in to help recap the week's news, including the new little pink pill for women, and the Ashley Madison hack. It's a Flashback Friday double-header with Graham Parker from Nov 1996, and Fastball from 15 years ago today!

Nicole discusses the media's role in the rise of Trump, the fall of Hillary Clinton, the blackout on Bernie Sanders and more, with Driftglass and Howie Klein. 

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Nicole Sandler is joined by fellow Floridian Deborah Newell Tornello for another strange but true edition of Stories from the Oy FloriDUH files. Continuing the theme, Nicole welcomes Susan Glickman of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to discuss Floridians' fight for solar power(!) and against fracking!

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Rev. Barry Lynn returns to the show with a new collection of his articles, speeches and testimony dealing with the separation of church and state. Great timing after John Oliver's epic takedown of televangelists on Sunday. Plus, journalist Will Bunch on the Trump phenom and more!

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All eyes were on Iowa this weekend as the 2016 hopefuls ate the obligatory corn dogs at the Iowa State Fair and made news. We'll talk about all of it today with Joel Silberman. Ari Berman returns with a news book, "Give Us The Ballot" about the continuing fight for the Voting Rights Act, 50 years after it became law.

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